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This Book Produces Clarity For Anyone Passionate About Finding Lasting Solution To Africa’s Problems!- Commissioner Kemela Okara

This book is a much-needed treatise on nation building as it applies to the African giant Nigeria. But more than that, it a textbook providing much-needed material and clarity for anyone passionate about Africa and other parts of the world searching for lasting solutions to the quest for prosperous and just societies. Pastor Sunday Adelaja has done an excellent job in tracing the early historical origins and political development of Nigeria, which provides an excellent perspective and backdrop, giving context and understanding to the solutions he later proffers in this book. This background brings a sense of realism and connectivity between the past and the present.

PBOOK001 (1)

New Book By Pastor Sunday Set To Be Released On May 27th!

Not only does this book provide a historical perspective for Nigeria, but it also provides an excellent panoramic overview of different kinds of leaders over a historical period reaching back to Ancient Rome and Greece showing the challenges and opposition great leaders face. It is instructive to see how the challenges these leaders faced, shatters the myth that leadership is the key. He quite rightly shows that great leadership without responsible followership will fail to achieve the desired results we all so desperately seek. In a profound way, Pastor Sunday equates the two responsibilities as a shared and necessary compact between leaders and responsible followers.

Pastor Sunday Adelaja goes on further in quite an untypical fashion to analyze the much-touted reasons given for Nigeria’s underdevelopment and in a profound manner shows why such thinking is hollow and missing the point. He does this by examining different political systems and arrives at why though democracy is the best, it nevertheless, requires a responsibility especially on the part of the citizenry that is most times overlooked. He pungently makes the point that for democracy to achieve the desired results of a transformed Nigeria the political elite on the one hand and the generality of the Nigerian populace, on the other hand, must confront the responsibility to deliberately and constructively participate in the democratic process.

Kemela Okara

Hon. Commissioner Kemela Okara

When focusing on the challenge of corruption, this book makes the point that a lasting fight against a systemic plague like corruption requires not strong men, no matter how well intentioned but the deliberate effort at building strong institutions that can systemically rout the evil of corruption.

In an unabashed manner, Pastor Sunday goes on to address the need for values re-orientation as a necessary condition for the Nigerian rebirth. Having laid the foundation for a participatory type of democracy and the need for systemic and institutionalized development it is clear to see why values re-orientation is a key fabric in rebuilding the foundations of Nigeria.

Pastor Sunday concludes on an optimistic note – that values produce good leaders and responsible followers who in turn, build strong institutions underpinned by the values they profess, which inevitably results in righteousness that will undoubtedly exalt Nigeria.

I strongly recommend this book to all who want to participate as leaders and followers in rebuilding our country Nigeria. Thankfully the issues addressed though primarily focused on Nigeria have equal application across the African continent and beyond.

Kemela Okara

Hon. Commissioner

Trade, Industry, and Investment


Bayelsa State


More Tips on this New Revolutionary book by Pastor Sunday set to be released on May 27th will be published tomorrow. You don’t want to miss it. Please share this with your friends. It’s the dawn of a new era in Nigeria and the African continent. 



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