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This Book’s Perspective On The Responsibility Of The Nigerian Citizen Is Quite Revealing And Worth Looking At – Felix Achibiri

Dear Pastor Sunday,

Let me start by commending you once again for a timely intervention in the discourse on Nigeria’s national and leadership question through your book, Nigeria and the Leadership Question. At a time when the nation has failed to reach its full potential and bedevilled by socio-economic challenges leading to the blame game between the ruling class and the citizens, your book provides a brilliant perspective.

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This New Book By Pastor Sunday Is Set To Be Released On May 27th!


While it may be debatable that Nigeria’s failure as a nation should not be entirely blamed on its past leaders, the book’s perspective on the responsibility of the Nigerian citizen is quite revealing and worth looking at.

Nigeria and the Leadership Question is an informative and insightful work that attempts to answer the lingering question on whether Nigeria’s socio-economic challenges and inability to reach her full potential is as result of poor leadership or lack of good followership.  The book builds a case by tracing Nigeria’s historical trajectory up until self-rule and the following years of military interregnum and relative stability of our democratic rule. The period presented the shades of leadership by the local, ethnic authorities like the traditional rulers, subsequently the colonial masters, the nationalists, military rulers and elected officials. We could see various roles played by leaders of the periods, local or foreign, and how it affected the development of the country. The followership equally played a part in the emergence of the leaders either through their dealings with the colonial masters, their support of the nationalists and docility in the face of dictatorship by the military or civilian rulers.

I would love to review the book based on the following


You used a lot word-pictures of scenes and events by giving specific details in the chapters to appeal to the reader’s imagination. I particularly learnt a lot from the reference to great leaders who failed because of the conspiracy and betrayal of their people and the information on the existence of major kingdoms before the arrival of the colonial masters. I am sure contemporary readers who may not be abreast of Nigeria’s history, will realize, through as many details and background as possible, the way things were, in the events being described


The narration was in simple and in understandable language. Again you told stories of series of events in Nigeria’s evolution and reference to other works on our history chronologically, giving the reader a sense of how it all started.


There was also good use of explanation and analysis to present your perspective on the fact that leadership was not only our problem but also a failure of followership. You presented the facts on your perspective as clearly and impartially as possible. In fact you exposed the reader, through logic, that everyone has a role to play and issues of nation-building should not be left to the leaders alone but should be a collective responsibility.

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Felix Achibiri


You used the techniques of persuasion to establish the truth of your perspective and to convince the reader of the falsity of the long-established view that Nigeria’s only problem was leadership. Your purpose was to persuade the reader to believe that the Nigerian citizen had a role to play in the leadership of the country and  you implored them not to only hope and pray that things will improve but to also take action by being vigilant and using their vote wiselyYou drove home the place of the people, the citizen, by drawing attention to the famous definition of democracy, by Abraham Lincoln ‘Government of the people, by the people and for the people’. Before now l never really saw the definition from this point until you clarified it.

In all, the book provides a fresh and valid perspective to the leadership question in Nigeria. As l said earlier, it is timely given the crisis of leadership and citizenship that continues to plague the country. I believe it will make a good contribution to our quest for value re-orientation and patriotism. Once again l commend you for taking time to share your thoughts on how we can all contribute to the growth of our great country.

While looking forward to meeting and catching up soon, I pray that God will bless your thoughts and our nation Nigeria.

Wishing you all the best!

Felix Achibiri. 

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