Book #4: Pastoring Without Tears

Book #4: Pastoring Without Tears



Is it a possibility to be a minister without tears and sorrow? Listen to the man whom God used to build the largest Church in Europe in a period of 8 years. From 7 people in 1994, The Embassy of God had grown to 20.000 people in the city of Kyiv, Ukraine. The Church at the same time had planted over 300 churches in over 15 countries of the world. Yet pastor Sunday Adelaja, the Senior pastor of the Embassy of God says it’s without tears. Read the secret of this success in this incredible book, which is a must read for all ministers of God everywhere.

Reader’s review:

A friend of mine gave me this book at a time when I really needed it. It is not a profound book, but one that ministered greatly to me. Sunday Adelajah is a Nigerian pastoring The Embassy of the Blessed Kingdom of God for All Nations in Ukraine. He shares his testimony in this book and also the principles he has learnt being a pastor. Because this book was translated to English, there are errors in it and also some of the sentence structures may seem strange, but I urge you to read beyond this and glean out what God is saying through this man.

In this book, Sunday shares that he is able to be a pastor without tears because all he is is a servant of God. The responsibility of a servant is to obey the Master. The results would be the Master’s responsibility, but the servant has to obey. Despite all the problems he faces within and outside the church, he can sleep soundly at night because God is in control. He even had his life threatened, but because he had already died to himself and given his life to Christ, he can trust God to take care of him. To me, this may be something we have heard before or have it as head knowledge, but it would become reality when you face really difficult and trying situations, which begin to reveal what is in our hearts… and that is when the revelation of these simple truths become a very liberating thing.
The following are the chapter titles:
1. Ministry without tears is possible.
2. Success in ministry is a reality.
3. Care-free ministry.
4. Don’t be anxious for God.
5. Let God build.
6. Your attitude to small things.
7. Pastor or hireling.
8. Your motivation.
9. A church of quality and quantity.
10. The pastor’s team.
11. The art of being alone with God.
12. Called and anointed.
13. Going forward and only forward.
14. A pastor is a servant.
15. Organizational structure in the church.
16. Ministering supernaturally.

~By Gerald Khoo on March 29, 2007


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