Best Seller: The Kingdom Driven Life

Best Seller: The Kingdom Driven Life



Seldom in a person’s life are they an eyewitness to a turning point in you have in front of you a very special book.  I believe this is one of the top 3 books written in the last 1000 years.  In my opinion, it is definitely the best book on the Kingdom of God. Let me tell you a bit about how I felt when I met Pastor Sunday. He is an unusual man; I find him to be an exceptional Man of God. World leaders and church leaders have honored Pastor Sunday.  Even U.S. President Bill Clinton, in a private moment, told Pastor Sunday that he appreciated the work he was doing.  Most importantly, Pastor Sunday has been called and directed by God to extend His Kingdom.   Lasting fruit is the evidence of this. The understanding of the Kingdom isn’t new to my wife, Juanita, and I.

I don’t believe it was an accident that Juanita and I named our company Kingdom.  We started out as Kingdom Tapes and then as technology changed we became known as Kingdom Tapes and Electronics.  Now you know us as Kingdom Inc. or  Growing has been somewhat like riding a runaway horse. Twice we were listed as an Inc. 500 company, one of the fastest growing privately owned companies in the United States. This ride has been exciting and it has been rewarding. But it has not been without challenges. As a testimony to God’s grace, he has seen us through the challenges and our company is strong has always been focused on extending the Kingdom of God.  I believe that to live out and to proclaim the gospel of the Kingdom is part of our destiny.

Before starting, I traveled for 15 years as an evangelist performing with an Arabian trick horse, Al-Marah Majestic Sheik.  We were known as Johnny and the Sheik and performed bridle-less trick horse shows while presenting a gospel message.  We performed at rodeos, horse shows, fairs, churches, amusement parks, and other locations in bridle-less exhibitions presenting the gospel message.  We saw thousands of people come to Christ.

The first time we were on the 700 Club, Pat Robertson told his audience that what they had just seen my horse Sheik do was the equivalent of a seven-year-old child doing calculus.  Pat had us back on the 700 Club three more times, plus we were featured in “Best of the 700 Club” which also featured President Ronald Reagan.  This special program took segments that the producers thought were the best from among all the television shows the 700 Club had ever produced.  And, of course we were featured on various other TV programs and in many horse magazines, other secular magazines as well as Christian magazines. Little did I realize that God had led me to demonstrate in a small way what Pastor Sunday talks about when he tells us to use our passion to extend the good news of the Kingdom. I did this when I took Jesus into the horse world.

Pastor Sunday believes God has made everyone for a particular and unique purpose.  We understand that purpose when we understand the passions that motivate us.  By following those passions we can fulfill our Kingdom destiny and take the good news of the Kingdom into the sphere of influence where our passion is leading us.  Our passions are God given and help us understand the purposes that God made us to God wanted me to follow my passion for horses and that is what I did in taking the Kingdom into the horse world.  Later God wanted me to take the Kingdom into the marketplace with my company, Kingdom. has been a significant supplier to churches and ministries, supplying them with microphones, sound system equipment, video equipment, communion supplies and so much more.  We build church websites and apps. We help Christians everywhere understand how they can be more effective in extending the Kingdom of God through technology.  All this came as I followed my passions. God wants you to fulfill the particular purpose for which he created you. He has put passions in your heart to help you connect in the areas that he has designed you to impact.  This book tells you how to discover your destiny and take Kingdom principles to spheres that perhaps only you can address.  God has a unique calling for you. That calling is your destiny.  The Kingdom Driven Life tells you how to fulfill your destiny.

My wife and I were on the platform with Pastor Sunday in Kiev, Ukraine. We were there for a great celebration.  Why were we there on the platform for this great celebration?  This is a fact of life:  Every great man has enemies.   Pastor Sunday has enemies. The reason I was on the platform was because I wanted to affirm the fruit from Pastor Sunday’s ministry that I was seeing right in front of my eyes.  Jesus said, “By their fruits, you will know them.”  And let me tell you about the fruit!  At that very celebration we saw wave after wave of people come to the stage and share what God had done through their lives.

These people were testimony of the fruit that Pastor Sunday’s ministry has born. The fruit of this ministry is exceptionally good fruit.  All spheres of society are being impacted: millions are coming to know Christ, the face of politics is being renewed in righteousness, businesses are being started by believers and are flourishing, and social ills are being addressed.  Just one example is that 10,000 people have been set free from addiction to drugs and alcohol.

This isn’t just a small harvest, it is an abundant harvest. When this type of harvest comes in, we call it revival. That is what I saw in Ukraine. I saw revival– the harvest coming in like I have never seen it come in before.  Why is the harvest coming in?  Thousands and thousands of people have discovered their passion and the purpose for which God made them.  They are living their passion and extending their influence into every sphere of society!  As they have followed their destiny, they have built real skills and they have learned how to be fruitful. They are bringing in a great harvest, the likes of which I have never heard of or seen.  Wait, I have seen this before. We’ve all seen this before. We’ve seen it in the New Testament and now we can see it as people live out the principles of the Kingdom today.

I, like you, have heard of many places where the good news has gone forward and many people have come to know Christ.  This is as it should be. The gospel of salvation is extremely powerful.  This is where the road divides when I compare what is happening in Ukraine to many of the accounts that I’ve heard about in other sections of the world.  What is different?   Let’s take a look at the United States.  We experienced revival; it left us with a church on every street corner.  But, culture is not being impacted.  Too many of the efforts I’ve heard about leave the churches full and culture unchanged.  When the good news went forward in the first century, it turned the world upside down.  This is what happened to Pastor Sunday in Ukraine.  He built Europe’s first and largest mega-church. He had 15,000 people in his mega church, but what was the outcome?

Pastor Sunday looked at culture and realized that even though his church was growing large and healthy, the general society was not being impacted.  This started Pastor Sunday on a new journey. That journey was to understand the principles of the kingdom and how they related to culture. That is the key difference between this work and many other works that I have seen. This work is built on living out the good news of the Kingdom, not just proclaiming the good news of salvation. Of course we need the good news of salvation!

But we are saved from one place to another place; we are saved from the kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of Light.  We ought to realize that Jesus talked more about the Kingdom than any other thing.  Somehow, we have drifted from our purpose that Jesus left for us.  That purpose is to impact all spheres around us with the good news of the Kingdom.  This is the purpose that we are saved to!

What has happened in United States is that we have churches on every street corner, but we have lost the understanding of how to impact culture. In the New Testament, when the good news went forth, they turned the world upside down. That is what is happening in Ukraine.  Pastor Sunday is having this impact all throughout Ukraine and even around the world by advancing the good news of the Kingdom. When I saw the impact he was having in his entire society, I knew I was in the presence of a great man who had grasped significant principles of God’s Kingdom.

This book passes on the key principles that Pastor Sunday and the believers associated with Pastor Sunday are using to turn the world upside down. They are living the Kingdom Driven Life. You can too; these principles are not for Ukraine, only.  You can see culture change wherever you live.  You can see thousands of people not only coming into the Kingdom, but also living the Kingdom Driven Life. These principles are the very same principles that allowed the early believers to change everything.

Unfortunately these principles seem to be lost from our common practices of living out our faith in Christ.  I am so grateful that our God is a God of restoration. It’s time, past time, for us to get a hold of the principles in this book that tell us how to live a Kingdom Driven Life.  Until we live out these principles, our culture will continue to run downhill. God’s solution for a sick culture is the good news of the Kingdom.  That was the solution that Jesus gave, it was the solution the early believers lived out.  It is the solution that we need in America!  It is the solution that the entire world needs.

As you read this book you can see, as I saw, these principles are not new. But these principles might be new for you. Some of them were new for me.  I believe that God has raised up Pastor Sunday to change history. It’s not every day that you meet someone who history will record as being at the forefront of a change as significant as the Reformation.   Yet, should the Lord tarry, I believe this is how history will be written. If Jesus does not come back in our generation I think you will see a book entitled “Pastor Sunday, the Man the Myth the Legend”.  And I’m sure that this book will document a change in eras.

That change will be from our current era where people focus on building their church. We could call this the Church Era. The new era will be when churches focus on extending the Kingdom of God. I believe this new era will be called the Kingdom Era.  I believe we are entering the Kingdom Era. Some of the previous transitions in the body of Christ that came about were called Reformation. A Reformation is painful; it requires the tearing down and rebuilding or reforming of what exists.

This new era will be different. It is not about tearing down. It is about being mature in our thinking. Jesus said that our wineskins, our structures, our approaches would grow old. He told us that these would come to a point where they would not accommodate new wine; that means they won’t accommodate the growth that God wants to see occur.  We should not to be overly concerned with the aging of our wineskins. We ought to be looking at the new things that God is doing. And, as many of us as possible should move into those new things. But, we ought not to be overly concerned with those who don’t understand the new things.

Building new wine skins and at the same time preserving the old is different than reformation. In this move of God we can see the old preserved right along with the new that emerges. Nothing is lost.  No one needs to change churches to be part of the new thing that The Kingdom Era is like the transformation of a caterpillar to a butterfly. The Kingdom Era should be called transfiguration.

Why?  Everything is different, but nothing is lost. That’s what the Kingdom Era is all about.  I am making an appeal to you.  Let us be mature in our thinking.  Disagreement on this does not require fighting with the leadership of anyone’s church.  Suppose, in your local church you cannot come to an agreement on the living out the new era… what does this mean for you?  It means that in the areas your church has responsibility that you will honor them. But, the areas where your have responsibility such as in your neighborhood, In your workplace, in your community on any day but Sunday, you can join hands with like-minded people and do the work of extending the Kingdom in those areas. Sunday morning you can continue to worship as normal. No arguing, fussing, or debate is needed.  Let’s be mature in our thinking and actions.  Let’s recognize and honor those we connect to; we can have unity in diversity.  And, we can succeed against any and all odds with God’s help!

Pastor Sunday and the people he has equipped to live the Kingdom Driven Life have succeeded against all odds. God called this black Nigerian to build the largest church in Europe. Ukraine is not as culturally diverse as America is. They do not readily follow people who are black.  Simply because of his race, Pastor Sunday encountered an immense amount of opposition. Yet, God always makes a way for us to fulfill those things he calls us to accomplish.  God has caused Pastor Sunday to flourish.  What God is doing through Pastor Sunday is changing the face of Ukraine and is beginning to spread around the world. In front of you are the principles that allow this incredible impact for the Kingdom to happen.  Millions of people are coming into the Kingdom and millions of people then find their destiny impacting society with the principles of the Kingdom.

These principles will impact culture in our neighborhoods, in our workplaces, in politics, and in every dimension of society. Let me share a time when I got some insight into the secret behind these principles. Many years ago, my horse stayed overnight at Pat Robertson’s house. Pat and I took our horses on a trail ride together. On that trail ride, I asked Pat, “What is the secret of your success?” Instantly, without hesitation, Pat said, “When God tells me to do something, I do it.” He didn’t say that with pride; he just said it in a matter-of-fact manner. He said it humbly, telling the truth of how he walked with God. I saw the same trait in Pastor Sunday when Juanita and I spent two weeks with him in Ukraine. When God tells him to do something, he simply does it. He doesn’t worry about the cost; he doesn’t worry about what others will think; he doesn’t worry about what the government might think; he focuses on what God thinks. It’s the principle of listening to your master’s voice.

Pastor Sunday reminds me a little of U.S. President, Gerald Ford.  I once asked President Ford about the personal cost that I could see he had to pay to be president. It was life consumptive, with security needed for the rest of his life. I asked him, “Isn’t it really difficult to live this way?” He simply answered, “I am happy to serve my country.”   What a servant.   I saw this same attitude of giving his life to serve in Pastor Sunday. He spends his life serving others. He is happy to give his life serving our God in the good news of the Kingdom. I have never met a more diligent or harder working man than Pastor Sunday.  Jesus said that to be great in the Kingdom of God, we need to serve others. Pastor Sunday demonstrates this greatness.  All of us can demonstrate this same greatness. What has God given you a passion for? Listen to God and then take Kingdom influence into that sphere of society. The incredible lesson of the Kingdom is this, God doesn’t have just one domain–Church, and then there is everything else.

The impact of God’s domain can be extended everywhere!  There isn’t one set of principles of how to live life for believers and then another set of principles regarding how to live life for everyone else. There is one set of principles for everybody. When we take these principles into society, we impact all society for good.   We know that the world is groaning because of the impact of sin. What the world is waiting for is us, the Sons and Daughters of God to be the salt and light that it needs. This is what it means to be salt and light.

Being salt and light lays the groundwork to prepare people’s hearts for the good news of salvation.  When we’re not seeing a harvest of people coming to know Jesus, we should check to see if we are preparing the ground with the good news of the Kingdom. In the Star Trek television series, they had a mission to go where no man had gone before. You could say that just like the Star Trek mission, God has sent Pastor Sunday to go boldly where no man in this generation has gone before. His mission is the mission of the believers from the first century.  It was how the early believers lived. Because they were true to their mission, we are here today.  And actually that mission has not changed.  Yet, for many of us today that mission can look very different from how we are accustomed to doing church.  It can look so different that it is almost like it is a brand-new mission.

Pastor Sunday has been a great pioneer. We all need to go there, to this new place where most people have never gone before. That new place is transforming all spheres of society with the good news of the Kingdom. As an American, I can say that America needs this now more than it has ever needed transformation.  Our society is descending into abject godlessness!  Our nation was founded with the precept, written in the Preamble of the Declaration of Independence, that our Creator gives us inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Secular nations do not have the recognition of their Creator as part of their founding precepts. There is a powerful move in the United States by those who do NOT honor God to transform America into a secular nation that eschews God in every area of society, except perhaps on our church property or in our church sanctuary.  Honoring God in any public forum is frowned upon and in many cases the freedom to honor God in various public sectors is successfully being challenged. In many public schools, it is actually claimed that it is illegal to teach children that we have a Creator.  To take such a stand is to ignore the precepts of the Preamble of the Declaration of Independence.

The Declaration of Independence defines what it means to be an American. As America removes honoring our Creator, we will see the erosion of freedom and the right to pursue life, liberty and happiness.  We are seeing this unfold in America before our very eyes. This is the enemy coming in like a flood. When the enemy comes in like a flood, God raises a standard. Part of that standard is reflected in the principles in this book.

These principles are standards that we need to hold back the enemy who desires to convert America into a secular, godless nation. God has used Pastor Sunday to raise the standard that is changing Ukraine, even their political system. I want to add my voice to Pastor Sunday’s voice. We all have a part to play in raising the standard in America.   For those who question God’s interest in the political sector, tell me what part of reality is outside of God’s domain?

There is a war going on. This book helped me to sharpen my understanding of the battle and the part I could play. This book will do that for you as well. This unfolding Kingdom Era is a turning point in history. I don’t want to miss being part of the new thing God is doing.  This is the next great move of God.   You can be part of what God has done in the past and I’m sure in the present you’re part of what God is doing.  You can also be part of the new things that God is doing!   We live in days of deep darkness; yet in the darkness, the light of God shines brighter.

At a turning point in history, we can be history makers, people who actually change how history is written. In order to do that, we need to build our skills.  Learning the principles in the Kingdom Driven Life is an important step that anyone can take in building their skills. We can see something new happen. Oh, society-transforming impact has happened before!  But, in America, it’s not happening today. In America, common culture is changing the church. And the change is not for good. It is time to see the principles of the Kingdom change the culture. It is time to see the Kingdom of God impact all spheres of society.

There is nothing wrong with the harvest. It’s ready to come in. It is waiting for us to go out and get it. I see the harvest.  I have said, “Here I am, God, please send me! Help me to fulfill my destiny of bringing people into the Kingdom and seeing those people use Kingdom principles to change society causing more people to come into the Kingdom of God.  Use me to be a history maker!  Use me to change history!”  This is why I am lending my voice to this book.  It is an important tool to help us fulfill our destiny. I can see you in my mind’s eye saying, “Here I am, God, please send me!” Together let’s change how history will be written for the glory of God!

Thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Johnny Berguson.

Philadelphia USA.

August 2015.



In the introduction, the author skilfully uses the teachings of Jesus, snippets of history such as famous revivals of the past along with thought-provoking analogies and comparisons between the church and the Kingdom, to actually disambiguate the two, thus preparing us for what we can expect in the rest of the book, namely shocking truths about Jesus’ stance on what the Kingdom really is and what the church and its role are, versus the stereo-typical train of thought in this area. Because the topic is approached from these diverse angles, whether you are a philosopher, historian, analytical thinker or even someone who reads nothing but the Bible, you will be able to digest the truths revealed in this book effortlessly. This book is written for everyone, in everyone’s language.


This opening chapter takes us back to the beginning of time and indeed prior to the beginning to understand what took place among the Godhead in “eternity past”. Here we clearly see why man was created, therefore shedding clear light on why we are alive today, since God’s purposes never change. The garden was God’s prototype for earth so we are encouraged to understand so we can better comprehend how God wants the earth to look today.

The awful plight of nakedness that comes on every level spiritually, morally etc. as a result of rejecting the glory of God’s Kingdom is also highlighted. This is another way to understand the purpose of something, by looking at the results and consequences of the alternatives of that thing. We also get to zoom in on the reality of natural and spiritual laws, and the supremacy of the latter.

     Here is the essence of this chapter: Man was created to be the mirror of God who is Love, and the Garden of Eden was created to be the mirror of Heaven. Adam and Eve were supposed to reproduce both humanity and the glorious Garden of Eden throughout the rest of the earth.

The main concept of the chapter: The Kingdom of God that Jesus brought back cannot be fully fathomed without understanding the beginning of mankind and his God-given instructions. Therefore we must understand the Kingdom then, in order to realize the Kingdom now. They are one in the same yet expressed in the Old and New Testaments from different angles. We have the privilege of studying both parts so that we can have a full understanding of the purpose of the Kingdom, and are therefore without excuse if we fail to manifest it. The conclusion of this first chapter highlights the heart of God and of the author and the purpose of the book, as already we see an invitation to either enter, or return to the Kingdom of God, with step by step instructions.


In the second chapter of this book, we are reminded of the joy and excitement of restoring the glory of God to earth through the restoration of His Kingdom. However, we start to notice a tone of personal responsibility that is required by everyone who wants to enjoy such a life. Our priority must change, i.e. to live for the Kingdom rather than for self, and subsequently many of our other priorities must change, hence the title “The Priority Of The Kingdom”.

In this chapter we are served practical, edible food. For example, how to make the word flesh. There is therefore no excuse for completing this book without being able to practically live out what is written within.

We are also given real-life examples of people who are currently living what we are reading. This aids us in believing that the Kingdom life is possible; it helps us understand how to realize such a radical teaching and it authenticates what is written in this book.


In this chapter we are given deep insight into the predominant style of teaching that Jesus used to teach the Kingdom of God; parables. We gain understanding of what a parable is, why Jesus and other rabbis used it, and some of the purposes it served such as hiding the mysteries of what Jesus was teaching from those who opposed it, though they knew it was against their traditions.

We also take a look at some of Jesus’ parables of the Kingdom, which should not only help us to understand those particular parables, but teach us how to decode all the parables of Jesus so we can come to a full appreciation and appropriate regard for His glorious Kingdom.

Again in this portion of the book you can find costs and benefits of the Kingdom being highlighted.


In this section of the book, the core of the Kingdom, the how-to, the way the Kingdom works, is made available to us. If we miss this chapter we miss the entire book. However, a lot more has been poured into this chapter, such as real-life examples of people, some famous, some notorious, who were very far from the Kingdom of God but have been radically transformed by the Kingdom of God, and are now faithful and accurate ambassadors of the Kingdom. Once more the point is driven home that the Kingdom life is a life of selflessness through being sold out to God, evidenced by lifelong commitment to serving mankind and improving all life. We are also reminded that Jesus paid the price to redeem us through salvation, not unto salvation. We are redeemed unto the Kingdom, for that is what man lost in the Garden of Eden, not salvation.


In the introduction we saw the disambiguation of the church and the Kingdom. Chapter 5 penetrates this theme on a much more detailed level. At the same time, by exploring certain subtopics such as “The role of the church”, and “The Relevance of the Church”, we are kept in balance by being shown that the church is absolutely necessary, mandatory and is not obsolete. The church is necessary and is a pillar, hence essential. In the introduction though, and throughout the book we are reminded that Jesus is responsible for building His church and our role is to expand His Kingdom.

We are presented with into profound concepts in this chapter such as “The spirit of the Kingdom”; so although it is imperative to digest the principles taught in chapter 4, we must be aware that the Kingdom should never be seen as a bunch of rules. This segment of the book concludes by highlighting the incomparable difference between religion and the Kingdom of God, and therefore the supremacy of the Kingdom.


Here in chapter 6 a graphic breakdown of the power that God’s Kingdom carries is presented to us. Again, using real-life stories helps drive home the fact that this is not fiction. It is not a theory.

 You may have noticed that one of the themes that runs through this book is the fact that selflessness, even suffering and persecution are a part of the Kingdom package, yet there is no true life outside of the Kingdom. Although this chapter is no exception in reminding us of that reality, it adds the fact that ours is a Kingdom of power. Within the Kingdom are the tools for victory. Its focus is on how to walk in the power of the Kingdom, while debunking popular myths such as the need to pray for power. Notice the point is reemphasized that the church and the Kingdom are not in competition for attention or rank. The Kingdom of God is everything! The church has its significant and unique place within it.


At this point in the book, the focus is turned even more towards the big picture, whereas the earlier chapters were addressing the intricacies of the Kingdom and its inner workings. We now begin to look at national and ultimately global impact, scope of influence, differences in the callings of individuals and churches, as well as true evangelism. Undiluted truths are dispensed in this chapter as in all others, one of which is the fact that the harvest is ready, so the problem lies with those entrusted to spread the Kingdom. Here a more detailed breakdown of the seven spheres of influence are provided, accompanied as before with current, factual, real-life examples of how Kingdom-minded people are expanding the Kingdom of God.


In this penultimate chapter, the admonition is given for every child of God to take responsibility for Himself to enter and function within the Kingdom of God. The charge is also given to take ownership for the restoration of nations. Much emphasis is placed on avoiding or replacing erroneous thinking concerning what spirituality, the church and the Kingdom truly are. The reader is provided with numerous statistics to support the points discussed in this chapter, along with solutions for every problem mentioned. Solutions are also given to correct wrong thinking in ourselves and in others about key concepts in the Kingdom.


This final chapter is one more opportunity to hear the heart of the author, and moreover feel the heart of the God of the Kingdom. A more personal tone is used by means of the author’s own testimonies and accounts of life experiences to sensitize us to the gravity of this topic, despite the fact that it is good news. It must not be seen as optional for the believer. This chapter also helps us to see more strategies than can be used, plus the need for relentlessness. It should help us see that adversities of any kind are no excuse for failing to manifest the Kingdom of God. The spotlight is shone once more on the need of God: restoration of the nations back to the Kingdom, the need of the church: be the Kingdom carriers, the change agents, and the need of the society: a harvest waiting to be reaped.