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First Muslim Miss USA Rima Fakih Converts To Christianity!

Rima Fakih is believed to be the first Muslim to win the title of Miss USA when she was crowned the winner in 2010. Now, the beauty pageant winner has converted to Christianity, recently sharing a verse from Philippians on Twitter. Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through him who strengthens me — Rima Fakih (@RimaFakih) March 30, […]

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Antoine Bou Ezz

Amazing!! Lebanese Trans-gender Meets Jesus and Gets Transformed Back To His Real Self!

My Testimony by Antoine Bou Ezz. Two years have passed so far and the Lord was helping me and disciplining me. Before that, I was just a human bound with evil and thrown in its deepest pit. Ever since I was a child i suffered from evil for I was sexually molested. Moreover, I grew up during war times and my country Lebanon […]

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The Incredible Success Story Of Dr. Anyi Obi Who Defied ‘Prophecy’ To Break Records (MUST READ)

#MyTestimony When I was 8 years old, a Prophet came to my house and after prayers took a look at me and said I will never do well academically and when its time my parents should send me to learn trade. I wept that night because I knew the Vision I saw of myself. My sister Chinyere came to me […]

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Devout Muslim family see their crippled mother Walk as pastors prayed over her. ‘Jesus healed me’ She Said!

Nothing is impossible when God Himself makes things happen. Pastors from Bibles4Mideast ministry found this out when, through them, Jesus Christ appeared before a family of devout Muslims who embraced Him after He showed them His mercy and healing power. The startling conversion was narrated by a family member who preferred to be called only by her pseudonym Fadila for security […]

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Famous British Atheist Artist Speaks On His Coming To Christ And How Faith Impacts His Art!

An artist who used to be an atheist recently shared about how he became a Christian and how his faith impacts his art. Charlie Mackesy is a well-known artist who has sold artwork to celebrities such as Whoopi Goldberg and Sting, but the most compelling thing about him is the way he lives out his faith through his art. One of […]

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Hindus Coming To Jesus Amid Miracles And Healing Even As Persecution Intensifies in India!

Despite mounting persecution, Christianity is thriving in India as hundreds of Hindus and tribal animists are embracing Jesus Christ, the Gospel Herald reports. One of the areas where conversion and evangelistic events are taking place is in the jungles of Kandhamal District in eastern India, which used to be “a hotbed of Hindu persecution of Christians,” according to the Christian […]

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Direct Descendant Of Muhammad Sees Vision of Jesus 3 times, Gets Saved and Escapes Execution By Muslim extremist!

A devout Muslim whose family has direct ties to the prophet Muhammad saw a vision of Jesus Christ on three occasions, leading him to turn his back on Islam and follow the one true God, even if this means being labelled an “infidel” and marked for death by Muslim radicals. Ali Sayed Husnain Shah narrated his astounding spiritual journey in […]

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Staunch Atheist Who Hated God, Visited Church “As One Visits A Zoo, To See Exotic Animals” But Then God Caught Him!

“I hated God and I hated religion,” he told CBN. He had succumbed to the “default position” in France that there is no God. “Nobody spends much time thinking about these issues and neither did I. I was pursuing my happiness and pleasure in life.” Guillaume Bignon grew up in a nominal Catholic family outside Paris, but stopped going to […]

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Radical Islamic Leader tries To Kill Pastor’s Family But Jesus Appears, Stops Him And He Is Now An Evangelist!

Jesus can transform the heart of even the most rabid anti-Christian Muslim extremist, turning him from a man who wanted to kill Christians into a believer whose life is dedicated to spreading the Word of God. Assist News Service recently featured the story of Al-Rashid, the commander of a fanatical Islamic group in the Middle East whose mission was to […]

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