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Nigeria’s Problem Is Not That Of Leadership But That Of Abrogation Of Responsibility By The Masses – ‘Bola Adebola MSc

Whao!  This book is good enough for a thesis on taking Nigeria from being a sleeping GIANT to an awakened GIANT. Leadership Complete does not do justice to the length and breadth of discussing in this twelve chaptered book.   It is a book not entirely on Leadership but a book on re-orientation and re-educating Nigerians. From the introduction page to […]

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Nigeria’s Victor Olalusi Scores A Perfect 5.0 GPA In Russia And Is The first In The world!

The Federal Ministry of Education on Wednesday in Abuja honoured Dr Victor Olalusi who scored 5.0 Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) in the Faculty of Clinical Sciences, Russian National Research Medical University, Moscow (RNRMU) in 2013, arguably the first in the world. Olalusi, who was the best graduating student in the whole Russian Federation in 2013, studied in RNRMU under […]

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The $1Billion World’s Biggest Cruise Ship (Harmony Of The Seas) That Makes Titanic look a minnow. {Photos}

The largest cruise ship in the world – measuring more than four football pitches in length with a maximum capacity for 6,780 passengers – has docked in Southampton for final preparations before its maiden voyage. A small crowd of well-wishers, including some dressed in their pyjamas, welcomed the £800million Harmony of the Seas as it arrived just after dawn today, […]

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Due To The Fast Growth Of Churches In North Africa, more Bibles Are Been Smuggled In.

Many are converting to Christianity in North Africa, and Bibles are being smuggled in despite the risk. According to ChristianToday.com, the persecution charity Open Doors, founded by Christian missionary Brother Andrew who smuggled Bibles into communist countries during the Cold War, has been smuggling Bibles into North Africa to meet a growing interest in Christianity. The specific North African country […]

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How We Can measure The Spiritual Growth In Our Lives!

God’s will for every believer to mature spiritually, becoming more independent from spiritual mentors and learning to feed themselves with God’s Word. However, how do we truly measure or know whether a person is growing in the Lord? Is it through a set of metrics and criteria being met, or a stronger revelation of Jesus Christ in their life? How […]

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The Top 10 Most Peaceful Countries In Africa! (See Your Country’s Rank)

The IEP’s Global Peace Index listed a disturbing trend with the peaceful countries getting increasing peaceful and the conflicted countries gradually spiraling out of control. Only 4 African countries made it to the top 50 most peaceful nations in the world, with Iceland being the most peaceful nation in the world. Below are the top 10 most peaceful nations in […]

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This Is A Timely Prophetic Manual And A Clarion Call For Positive Change In Nigeria – Revd Sam Adewumi

Pastor Sunday’s new book is a timely prophetic manual and a clarion call for positive change in Nigeria at this crucial time in her history. In a simple but compelling way, he uses a well-researched and contextualized history to highlight some of the factors that helped shape our mentalities and sensibilities as a nation of people with corrupt values. It […]

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Nigeria’s Eunice Udensi Emerges As The New York College 2016 Valedictorian!

The York College Valedictorian for the Class of 2016 has emerged and she is a Nigerian. Eunice Udensi, a Pharmaceutical Science major mentored in the Chemistry department, came to York from Abia State, four years ago and quickly acclimated to a busy college life of research and co-curricular activities. Early on, her impressive GPA caught the attention of Amy Wolfe […]

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Life’s Greatest Joy Is Turning to Jesus Christ – Billy Graham

Those who have yet to turn to Christ will find life’s greatest joy if they do, evangelist Billy Graham writes. Responding to a question posted to the Kansas City Star, Graham, 97, explains that there are two important reasons why people should make the decision to give their life to Jesus: in preparation for death and to find the joy only a […]

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Nigeria’s Dr. Omalu Who Discovered CTE get’s Honorary Doctorate Degree From Xavier University!

Dr. Bennet Ifekandu Omalu on Saturday May 7 bagged an honorary Doctor of Science degree from Xavier University of Louisiana. He shared the good news on Facebook, writing: “Got an honorary Doctor of Science degree from Xavier University of Louisiana today. I am deeply grateful and thankful” Dr. Omalu is a Nigerian forencic pathologist and medical examiner who was first […]

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