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  • Hello,
    Pastor Sunday,
    My name is Annie Lawson and
    I am just taking this opportunity to thank you again and again, for all the prices you are paying to equip people like me!!! Since we met you my husband and I, in Lausanne in Switzerland, our lives never have been the same…!!! I met you once in Kiev and my husband Late Lawson few times….!!! We have decided that we can no longer live like ordinary christians, we have to impact this world for CHRIST….We have set our lives to pursue our goals which are: give hope to the ones who have lost it ( most of them are non christians…our website or facebook pages are in French…because our audience is french) We left everything to go where the Lord wants us to be and currently we are in the Reunion Island…Following your teachings as you are our mentor, to change lives of people who are willing to be teach. ( as you said it: not everybody wants to pay the price…specially in Europe…people want results now, but they do not want to pay the price to get what they want…)..!!! It has been a very difficult journey but nothing will stop us from reaching these goals…!!! We are praying that the Lord will open doors for us to be able to attend the September’s conference in Kiev….!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you Pastor Sunday for who you are and what you are doing for God kingdom…You do have values that most men
    May Our God bless you abondantly and your entire family!
    Blessings Pastor..!!!

  • Sam Abraham

    Thank you, Pastor Sunday, I am speechless and can’t even take a breath … wow…wow…wow. I feel like I should relocate to Kiev right now.

    I was like that before I went to Institute for National Transformation [United Kingdom Centre]. I WANTED THE RESULT BUT NOT WILLING TO PAY THE PRICE. I always look for a shortcut to get my destinations; unfortunately, there aren’t any shortcut to real SUCCESS, what you get are destruction and frustration.

    @Lawson, you can’t get close to Pastor Sunday and his disciples and not get infected with TRANSFORMATION.

    For me, the first thing that jump off my BRAIN and LIFE is the spirit of religiosity, and then laziness, lack of purpose and responsibility and the likes.

    Although I thought I was doing well because I have some degrees but I was actually operating as an hunter [hunter mind-set], no plan for tomorrow …. I only think of now, just now and now, and self, I, me and I alone.

    Thank you, Jesus Christ, for Pastor Sunday’s life.

    Sam, UK.

  • Tom Freddy Banda

    I am hungry for word,and you to visit us in south africa,newcastle,kwazulunatal.please please

  • Maxwell Teyemurdock

    Want to be thought the ways of knowing n understanding God

  • Akanbi Samuel

    God will continue to strenthing you sir.

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