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This Is A Manual Not Just For A Nation, But Communities, Organizations, Families And Individuals. – Pastor Mike Adebiyi

As usual, this author again has brought another ray of light to help illuminate the gross darkness in which our great country Nigeria has been growing since independence. Oliver Wendell Homes once said, and I quote “the biggest tragedy in America is not the waste of natural resources, though this is tragic.

Book MockUp (1)

New Book From Pastor Sunday Coming Out On May 27th

The biggest tragedy is the waste of human resources.” This book has not only brought this quote into perspective as it relates to Nigeria, but went further to enumerate the systemic nature of its entrenchment as well as the process of mitigating the phenomenon.

Pastor Mike Adebiyi

This is more of a manual for national development than a literature of information. I believe it is a manual not just for a nation, but communities, organizations, families, and individuals.

Mike Adebiyi 


Consortium for Africa Development (CAD)

More Tips on this New Revolutionary book by Pastor Sunday set to be released on May 27th will be published tomorrow. You don’t want to miss it. Please share this with your friends. It’s the dawn of a new era in Nigeria and the African continent. 



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