Dearly beloved!

Warm greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

I have been a pastor for over 20 years, and I have realized that majority of Christians around the world do not comprehend, that it is not enough to just pray and fast to bring God’s Kingdom to the earth. Most Christians have this misconception, in the sense that they take into account only the spiritual aspects. They do not understand the importance of working intensively on themselves, and how to take the kingdom of God beyond the church’s walls.

That is why I decided to give a chance to all my followers and mentees to become part of a renewed Mentorship Program with me.

I am sure, that participation in this Mentorship Program will give you an opportunity

  • Make your goals more precise, concrete and real
  • Build a system that would enable you reach your goals
  • Arrange important and urgent tasks according to priorities
  • Learn how to become influential in your sphere, in order to promote the Kingdom
  • and its values
  • Learn how to manage your time and your life
  • Increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your work
  • Learn how to live an effective Kingdom-based life
  • Have monthly guidance and support from me as a Pastor, leader, mentor and father

For those of you, who had previously participated in this program, I would like to tell you that I and my team have been working hard to improve on it. I want to strongly encourage you to continue your participation, and be prepared for a more intensive program.

When you sign up for the renewed Mentorship Program, you will get:

  • Monthly letters with a topic that we will be working on for the next 30 days
  • Video message that I’d be recording for all my mentees
  • Assignments for practical work on what we’ve learned

Therefore, if you are interested in joining this program, please fill out the form below:

Subscribe to Mentorship Program

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God bless.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Sunday Adelaja


  • azukaego ossai

    Thank you so much for your wisdom.

  • Beloved Pastor Sunday: I highly appreciate your eagerness to share your kingdom life, and now your renewed efforts to revamp the mentorship program.
    Those of us who have had the rare privilege to get to know you, owe so much both to you personally and to our Lord that we will have to give account. This is a sobering thought, one that I always ponder with fear and trembling!
    Much Love to you, Princess Bose, your family and your kingdom family all over the world!

  • Sorelle Essebe

    Thank you so much Dad, you are a real blessing for me and for many people. Thank you for all the content of this blog is a real gift for my growth.

    God bless you

  • Sam Abraham

    I have been praying and waiting for this great opportunity….. THIS IS MY YEAR.

  • imo ngoye akaninyene

    Thank you so much sir for this great opportunity learn under you

  • I have been following you on Facebook
    At times listen to your YouTube messages and what a great blessing your fb and videos have been to me.thank you so much
    You shared light on various topics and you a great leader of our generation
    Am a Nigerian living in Bali
    Working in a tour operators company


    thank u sir. i got attracted to you after reading your wont make you rich and chuech shift. i believe everyone should read them. you are a blessing to us

  • Lovina Donatus

    Peace be with you sir.
    I have actually been thinking of how you could be my mentor; at last, God has granted my request.
    God bless you sir for this amazing opportunity.

  • Busayo

    Yesterday, I was in my Dad & Mum’s bathroom having my bath, before then, I had read some of Pastor’s challenging articles and I was richly blessed. While having my bath, this words dropped in my heart; “follow Pastor Sunday Adelaja closely, his write-ups”.
    As I finished having my bath & went online, surprisingly this post or ad is one of the first thing I saw…
    So amazing, I’m trusting God that it will be so impactful & I’m ready to be touched & changed by God because I seriously need it.
    Thanks Pastor for this, may God bless you sir.

    • Phillips.

      you ve got a really wonderful but story to tell.
      The story is very similar to mine.
      God be praised

  • Louis

    Kingdom Greetings to my Role Model in Ministry Pastor Sunday Adelaja.

    I am Louis Mamutsi based in South Africa. The first time I came across you was through your book “Money Won’t Make you Rich” and since then my life took a different turn. I had to get almost every book I know you have written and download your messages.

    My life and ministry was changed by an encounter with your materials. The World needs more of Sunday Adelaja and am excited to say this program will be a platform to raise more Wirld changers.

    God is using you to transform South Africa through me… Another Sunday Adelaja is arising in SA. Keep the Good work dad.

    Kind Regards,
    Louis Mamutsi

  • Louis

    Wooowwww I am so excited for this Opportunity.

    I am Louis Mamutsi, a South African citizen based in SA. I first Came across Pastor Sunday Adelaja through His book, Churchshift then I started seeking for more of your books and I got Money Won’t make you Rich. My life and ministry took a different turn since I encountered you through your materials.

    Your Messages and Books gave me a different perspective. The World needs more of Sunday Adelaja’s, the Kingdom of God needs more of Sunday Adelaja’s and am proud and bless The Lord to can say; I imitate Sunday Adelaja as He imitate Christ.

    You are A World Changer. You are a true follower of Christ teaching the Gospel of the Kingdom. Thank you for this Opportunity and your material that is free to download on your website makes you a Selfless Leader.

    Thank you once again Daddy as we will be learning how we can influence the World for the Kingdom of God.

    Kind Regards,
    Louis Mamutsi in South Africa.

  • Thank you pastor Sunday.What a great privileged and opportunity to be mentored directly by you through this platform.

    I personally have been yearning for this…

    Fresh oil Sir!

  • Thank you pastor Sunday.What a great privileged and opportunity to be mentored directly by you through this platform.

    I personally have been yearning for this…longtime

    Fresh oil Sir!

  • I have been following pastor and want to follow continuesly.

  • Imoh

    Pastor, I am so grateful for this opportunity to have you mentor me. Just yesterday I sent a mail to you requesting for your mentorship, behold when I came online today , I had a press to visit your facebook page where I saw this lifetime opportunity. I am so grateful.

  • Omolade Olaide Femi

    Bless God for your life sir!

  • Kompani

    Shaloom dear pastor,
    Thanks so much, as you promised us we were waiting for this program. Be encouraged that you have a lot of followers around the world who would like to serve God like you do. Here we are in this program teach us how to greatly influence our nations for the Lord’s glory with His life within us.
    God keep on strongly bless and protect you, your family, your ministry and all the staff members who work with you. Shaloom

  • Godwin

    I would like to be a part of this mentorship program

  • Omojola Emiloju Ayodeji

    You are blessed in Jesus name sir.

  • Alain ANTISTE

    Beloved Pastor Sunday,

    I am grateful to God for this grace and privilege of being taught through this program. We are all anointed to influence the world!
    I have the desire to visit you again.


  • Prince

    Thank you pastor sir for helping me fulfil my vision and God’s purpose for my life.

  • Okpara Tochukwu

    I have been waiting for this opportunity all my life ever since I read your book Church Shift .Thank you Sir.

  • Tony Nwisi

    Hi Pastor Sunday,

    This is great news. Speak soon.


    Tony Nwisi

  • Thank you Pastor Adelaja. This is a most welcome opportunity. I am subscribed! ETO

  • BOGUI Lobouet Isaac Ange Mikael

    Pastor, I have subscribed to this program since 9 July 2015. I have had no response, nor an email of confirmation.

  • BOGUI Lobouet Isaac Ange Mikael

    Sorry, I unsubscribed from blog by mistake.

  • Alayo

    This is timely Glory be to God

  • Hyacinth Meze

    Thank you so much Pastor Sunday for extending this opportunity to me.

  • Thanks for the great opportunity to learn from you. I have only read your book: GREATNESS, while others- Money..,ChurchShift… are on my To Read list, I have heard your beautiful wife preach at one of our parishes here in Nigeria and I have listened to your wonderful testimony shared by Papa Bishop Wale Oke, I am sure I will have the privilege of meeting you soon, by God’s grace.





  • Joseph WeKesa

    Thank you for allowing God to use you for this generation Sir, you are a true Admiral, a true Kingdom Principality sent to cause transformation and reformation of people and nations, through the gospel of the Kingdom of God. The world and believers in Christ need this step desperately as God is raising a new breed of people to take on their spheres of influence as saviors/ reformers (Ob. 1:21). Only the well prepared, trained and perfected believers will be able to take on the mountains/ spheres of influence fulfilling the Isa. 2: 1-4 and Mic. 4:1-3 prophecies! It is a great privileged to be Mentored by you Sir . As you water others, so shall God Himself water you

  • Monday Abraham

    Pst. Sunday i deeply appreciate the efforts u are making to promote the church of Jesus in this generation. I pray for God’s protection and more insight into His secret in Jesus Name Amen.

  • I had attended HMT 1 in 2010 and HMT 2 in 2011. I would like to join the mentors hip program.

  • anthony

    God bless u Sir.Tnks for this opportunity.May God cause every treasure He’s place in you be emptied on us .

  • martin

    It’s a privilege to be mentored by you sir. Thank you for the great work you are doing…

  • Patricia busari

    I’m so blessed to have the opportunity to be a part of this program. May God bless you sir, for puting this together for us.

  • Femi Olawoye

    This is nothing but awesome amazing in the Christendom. Please my daddy, Sunday Adelaja, I am a Publisher/Editor-in-Chief of Christendom Publications in Nigeria, please how can I get permission to use some of these inspiring messages to season our quarterly publications and cmplementary copies will be sent to you. Please kindly reply me as soon as you can make it sir please. Femi, FCT Abuja-Nigeria +2348035255655.

  • Ben

    This is good for everyone who is a child of God. Thanks sir.

  • Akosu Paul

    After I read your book; Money won’t make you Rich, I hungered to hear more from you, here is the privilege, I appreciate this rare opportunity.

  • Peter Her

    I have been trying to join this program
    but any time I input my email it tells me it’s invalid but the email is functional. Pls help, thanks.

    • administrator

      Hello, Sir!

      I have successfully signed you up. Using your name and email provided in your comment.

      Please follow instructions sent to your mail.

      God bless you!

      Administrative team

  • Uzezi Akpoviri

    Please mentor me

  • What an amazing privilege that anyone who desires to and is willing to work on themselves, can become a mentee of Pastor Sunday. Thank you for this great gift dear Pastor!

  • Samson Ologunola

    To tap from the grace of God upon your life

  • Gabriel

    Powerful !

  • modupeola Oluayo

    I have always been told me to get a mentor but i just could not get to choose but not untill this year when i chose you to be my mentor. Am happy to have a mentor like you sir God bless you.

  • Teju

    I am blessed with your articles. Thanks for making yourself available for God.Much more grace sir.You are always in my prayers

  • kingsley

    Pastor sunday, you have done much in my life through your videios, audios and books. And now you are coming up with this? It man you rilly want my mind to be well cracked. Thanks for that and may God make you look excertly like jesus.

  • Phillips Oladokun

    I AM IN

  • Esther

    Many thanks you for the invite, I need this mentorship.


    More annointing in JESUS name sir

  • kehinde ojo

    I look forward to this.

  • Richfield Anah

    Thanks a lot Daddy for giving me a covering. You mean a whole lot to me.

  • Jude

    Thank you for the opportunity.

  • He is a great man. His writings are explicit. I have Had the privileged to protocol him once back in Nigeria under the ministry of Dr. Tony Rapu. he is worth following under Christ. Really looking forward to a great time of mentorship.

  • Jonathan Ikezue

    Good morning sir, Thanks a million for reaching out to me. Ever since i met you in Kiev and you laid your hands on me and prayed that the zeal and the unquenchable passion for the Kingdom of God that resides in you be transferred to me, my life was changed for ever…..i have had this hunger, passion and burning zeal that are continually growing and glowing everyday in me. Alot have happened since then and i strongly believe its right time to come back to Kiev. At this moment, i know who i am and what my mission on earth is. Its time to visit you again before launching out into my ministry. Your genuiness and humility is humbling …..i will be looking forward to visit before the end of this year. Thank you so much sir. Yours in Christ. ….Jonathan Ikezue

  • benny

    Will want the article 30’what a personality u are…on request….thks.

    • administrator

      Go to all articles tab on the front page of the blog. Choose the article you want and download it or share it.


    This is awesome and a welcome development!

  • Daddy!
    Is a great privilege, I am been praying for
    Eku Ise Oluwa sir…

  • Great. I look forward to an exciting time.

  • churchill edeme

    I have been looking for a privilege of understanding on how to get things done in God’s time and way .THANKS pastor prevision of this platform

  • chinwe Nweze

    Thank you so much pastor for this unique opportunity to be impacted on by you. I have been yearni,g for this for a long time. This is an answer to prayer

  • I took the History Makers Training with Pastor Derek and it was great.

    Thank You so much for your work for the Kingdom.

  • Rowland jeff Aimola

    Praise God for what u are doing sir,the lord bless and increase u,please keep the good work in Jesus name.we love you.Apostle Jeff from Malaysia

  • Anthony Y

    Am glad with this development. More Grace

  • Onochie Okeke

    I am happy to enroll for this mentorship program. Pastor is a great Christian Leader!

  • Onochie Okeke

    Great and rare opportunity

  • Thanks Pastor Sunday for this mentoring program. It is much needed for continuing growth.

  • Hello sir,
    I first heard about you from pastor Tunji-Ekundayo who also gave me your book “churchshift” to read. After that I had to buy “money won’t make you rich”, and since then I have been following you online via fb and the monthly mentee letter.

    I must say I appreciate God’s grace over you. The story of how you survived in USSR without church or fellowship has been an encouragement to me here in UAE where there’s limited Christian activities. Your life has imparted my mentality about family (marriage), ministry and financial freedom.

    I believe I am one of the kind of Sunday Adelaja’s and new generation army that God is preparing for this end time. Hence, I invite all kingdom minded people to come on board and let’s grow together!

    Thanks Pastor for this free opportunity!

  • Benson Obua-Ogwal

    Dear Pastor Sunday,

    Greetings from Uganda.

    It feels like yesterday since I say at your feet for a week in Kyiv, Ukraine in July 2011.

    I’m excited that you have made your mentorship program more accessible. I could not but join it to help spurr me towards my vision.
    I look forward to interacting with you again, albeit virtually.

    My greetings to Pastor Bose and the children.

    Good bless you.


  • Victor, Olu Kehinde

    God bless His servant

  • This must come as a great effort, from your already busy schedule. Thank you.

  • Greetings in the mighty name of Jesus and to Jesus be all the glory. I believe father God wants me to associate with you. Your longing to connect to someone you have never seen face to face and willing to mento such is, an honor and privilege. I believe iron sharpens iron. I am blessed to be connected to you and you ministry. I believe i will be learning much from you and from your ministry experience. I for one who is groomed from birth into the mission field is willing to sit under your mentorship. Thanks for the offer. I want to be a part of this. May the name of the Lord be praised. Apstl Lave ( Zurich, Switzerland ).


    Lots of appreciation sir

  • Peter Wekesa

    Am visiting for the first time with much hopes of finding great mentorship for what God has done through you is amazing

  • Kathy

    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!!! Blessings to you!!

  • Patricia Adaku Udechukwu

    God bless you Sir for being liberal with truyh you recievrd from the Lord.

  • adebiyi

    It is a welcome ideal sir. More grace sir

  • olusola oluwabunmilayo

    Thanks for this.

  • ajamobe babalola emmanuel

    Tnx sir

  • Fanibuyan Oluwaseyi

    God bless u sir

  • Ibironke Olaide Oluwatoyin Eruola

    Thanks for accepting me on your programme.

  • Omone

    Its a pleasure to be part of this mentorship program,I look forward to see great result

  • Sowunmi kehinde

    Where can i get your book materia in nigeria thanks God bless u sis.

  • Ikenna

    Thanks PSA for being a blessing to many people without a cost. I’ll make you a promise, whatever becomes real to me by means of your mentorship, I will share with millions of people free of charge. This how Jesus lived and this how I believe His followers must live. You are one of the few people I’ve heard about with the balls to do it. May your rewards in the great beyond not elude you.


  • Samuel adeleke

    Need daily devotion nd pray bcos ma undergraduate student 0 level wish to further more nedd help from above nd God should protect nd guide my family God should give me wisdom nd understand nd breakthrough in my life

  • Esther akinduro

    I am very interested.

  • yomiadesokan

    it will be a great delight to be menthored by one whose core values in life i so much admire to the point of emulation

  • its such an awesome privilege to.connect sir having read a number of your books over the years.

  • Joseph

    I am so grateful for given me this opportunity to mentor me in the Lord. thank you very much.

  • Samuel chukwufunaya eziechine

    thank you sir I’m grateful to God for you

  • Austine Makpo

    Great decision. God bless you

  • Femi Olojede

    I have always sensed the call of God upon my life in the area of social engineering through politics using the instrumentality of law as a veritable tool.

    I Am connected to this program.
    Pastor Sunday helps me affirm the authenticity of the call in many ways.
    This mentorship program is further affirming.
    Am signed in.
    Bless you Pastor Sunday.

  • kouassi

    je suis content pour cette formation qui nous aidera a transformer notre monde

  • Precious Okerr

    What a huge privilege to be in this ministerial platform. More grace sir.

  • Adewusi Oluwasesan

    The book money wont make you rich is so powerful

  • Olusola gbenga faith

    I wish to receive the very best advice from pastor adelaja Sunday as spiritual mentor in the lord

  • Olusola gbenga faith

    I wish to receive the very best advice from pastor adelaja Sunday as spiritual mentor in the lord cos he’s indeed a father to be followed

  • Olusola gbenga faith

    I wish to receive the very best advice from pastor adelaja Sunday as spiritual mentor in the lord cos he’s indeed a father to be followed

  • Reverend OLANIKE Bernice OLUOKUN

    Will be very delighted to be mentored by this great man of God. If considers I humbly look forward to the great experience God has for me.

  • gab babs

    Have been trying to subscribe? keeps asking me to input NaN characters what does that mean? pls.

  • Olawale Stevens

    Thank you for this opportunity sir. I have for longed this for too long. I am grateful it’s happening now. Love you and the great work you are doing in Ukraine and the world at large.

  • Martins Abraham

    This program is answered prayer for me. Looking forward to it. Bless you sir

  • Oladipo Okuwobi

    Thanks for this great opportunity.

  • Thanks a lot Sir,for making out time to pour out yourself into the next generation. Indeed you’re a Charismatic Leader and I pray sir,your oil will not run dry in Jesus’ name.Amen.Bless you Sir.
    David O David.



  • Dear Sir am so eager to fulfill my God given destiny that’s why am so glad to be associated with your ministry. Thanks

  • Sunday Obinna Vincent

    Thanks sir for this privilege.
    I believe I have a call for ministry and you can be a great mentor.

  • Ramamonjiarivelo Eddie Gilbert

    Thanks,fort this website fort i am sûre it will help me growing spiritually.God bless you!!!

  • jane agbeta

    i believe pastor sunday is for real

  • Precious Okere

    I am delighted to be here.

  • pastor Oluwaseun

    Praise God for this opportunity

  • Godwin O. Adogho

    Great and timely

  • It’s a great and rare privilege to be part of this great offer. Thanks so much. God bless you sir.

  • Pastor Mizrab Victor James

    Dear pastor Sunday,
    I think Mentorship is helpful for Pastors and evengilist .We will recieved blessing from God .

  • Pastor Mizrab Victor James

    Dear sir
    This is peaceful programe .I think.
    God bless you .
    Your in Christ
    Pastor Mizrab James

  • Felix Bangala

    Thanks to God,
    for the works that ur don

  • Kaycee Eze

    Goodevening sir, please where do we direct questions from the mentorship class? Here or on the YouTube?

  • Emmanuel M Henaku

    Pls I wish to be on your mentorship plan

  • BOGUI Lobouet Isaac Ange Mikael

    Hello Mentor,

    I would like to know if you do not publish more the monthly articles because i received only in july concerning ”FAMILY AND MARRIAGE THROUGH THE EYES OF GOD”.

    Best regards

  • Sir, for years, your books and leadership styles in ministry has been a tremendous blessing to me, and I’ve always been praying and waiting to have direct link to you. Thank God the prayer is answered today. I promise to make maximum use of this advantage. God bless you sir

  • Emmanuel M Henaku

    Thanks so much,peace be on you.

  • Speciosa Mutyaba

    I am privileged to be part of your mentor-ship program


  • Ndifor Godwin

    Thanks and GOD bless.

  • Fisayo Ayeye

    Thank you so much sir! I am privileged to have this beautiful opportunity…

  • Blessing Dede

    Bless u sir. Plse i’m trying 2 suscribe. But it telling me i should enter atleast NaN characters which i don’t understand. May u plse help me out? Thx

  • Duro Oresusi

    Few days ago, I watched different interviews of you through YouTube for several hours, couldn’t stop. What a privilege to be mentored by you. Its a blessing to know of what the Lord is doing through your organization to lead this generation to Jesus.

  • Emmanuel Ikenna

    sorry I got to know about this lately on 1st Oct 2015, I have been trying to enroll an one of ur mentee and is not connecting could u give me a chance to enrol even though the time has past. thanks and God bless.

  • Hi Pastor,
    I am having a problem; registering for mentorship; with my my computer; please; get me in.
    Thanks and blessings.

  • Aamar Mughal

    Hello Sir, I have been praying for this great opportunity. I really thanks full to u for Mentorship programe, its an encourege to Growing spiritually ,Thank u so much Sir, God Bless u

  • Stephen Adeniyi

    Thank you pastor sunday .your ministration is a great blessing in my life.
    I will also love to visit the church in kiev Ukraine.

  • Queency Patrick

    Today I just finished reading Pastor Adelaja’s book “Church Shift” and I wept throughout my reading. I wept because I am 38 years old today, a believer for almost 20 years and I wish I had come across this book at least ten years ago!! It answered the questions in my heart on why I feel my life was so meaningless just sitting in the church. I have a guide and a direction now. Thank you so much sir.

  • Rahab

    Thank you Pastor Sunday for such a great opportunity! May God continue to keep and bless you ministry, in Jesus name,amen!

  • I thank God once again for the privilege He gave me learn and grow more under you. I believe it is a divine arrangement for soaring into another high level of greatness.

  • Pastor Osca Stan

    I am a missionary pastor from Nigeria posted to Tanzania , the mission work there is quit different from what I use to know.the people are not ready to hear you, so long as you speak English , and they are not ready to be born again even the so called Christians and pastors. I almost get frustrated, until I came across your book “pastoring without tears” and today when I saw the advert on mentorship, I quickly jump into it. Bless u sir

  • Biodun Olawuyi

    I’m please to join this program. Thanks pastor.

  • Pstr. Abiola Akindele

    Sir, I admire the grace of God over you in this kingdom service. May God increase you more and more in Jesus’ name.

  • Moses

    Thank you sir for writing that book. You have been a blessing to me since the day I read your book “Money wont make you rich”. My mentality towards money has changed positively since that time.
    I so happy to be part of your mentorship program sir. It will be a blessing to all of us. Thanks Sir.

  • Mrs Oyeronke Aboyade-Cole

    Thank you for the book am still reading it. I am proud of you and very happy to be part of your mentorship program sir.

  • you are truly a good webmaster. The site loading
    pace is amazing. It sort of feels that you’re doing any unique trick.

    Also, The contents are masterwork. you’ve performed a fantastic activity in this subject!

  • osaretin

    I want to know more about vision and the pursuit of the same

  • Hello I am from the Unite States thank you for allowing me to be a part of your church. I am willing to learn and to be taught of Jesus teaching. It is always good that we study Jesus Words. And not only study but to be apart of it. We learn from each other as we study his H oly Word.

  • Langason Hilary Meh (Pastor)

    Forever, i’ll be gratefull for this golden opportunity of sitting under a legend of this generation for mentorship.
    Thank You Sir!

  • Wow! This is an amazing opportunity like something I have always wanted. Its an honour to be part of this. Thank you Pastor Sunday Adelaja for this Kingdom based package you are offering.

  • Thank you for the great work. Our generation is honoured to have you sir.

  • Emike

    Thanks for this awesome opportunity Sir. God bless you

  • Oyebode Oyetunde

    Thank you for creating this School of Mentorship. Shalom!

  • Nwanehiudo Tony

    Thank pastor Sunday.

  • idiakhoa osaigbovo

    Pastor, you have been a tremendous blessing to me. God bless you sir.

  • Adeyemi Adeniyi

    Thank you sir for this awesome privilege and wonderful opportunity. I value it greatly and look forward to having the best time in this class.

  • Ayo Daramola

    Its a rare priviledge to have pastor Sunday as a mentor. Iwill be happy to be a mentee under him. May God bless him the more

  • Pastor Patrick Chapotamo

    what can I say? at last the man of God I respect so much. I have viewed the interviews that has left me wanting more from you sir.Your teachings are great. Your testimonies are wonderful. This world needs many of you. May the Lord bless you.
    Greetings from our small church from Zambia.

  • Apostle love G. Sado

    God bless pastor Sunday , am happy to meet you and to share from the wisdom God in your. More grace sir.

  • Akadri Adeleke

    God is great

  • Euguene

    I’m happy to get someone to mentor me.

  • Rev.Nnamdi G.Onokalah

    am glad to b part of dis n am sure it wil bless my life

  • Ruth

    Thanks man of God.

  • Oluwatomisin

    I key into your into your anointing for greater exploits

  • Collins Mbee

    Sir, please how can I find a mentor, a man of God? thanks sir. Collins

    • administrator

      Pastor Sunday is interested in mentoring you. If you would like to take advantage of this unique opportunity please fill the form above and you will be contacted and given instructions on what to do.

  • Taiye Akpeji

    Thank you Pastor for the platform. God bless you richly

  • Musa

    This is unique. Many already established successful men of God only are interested in mentoring those close to them. They do not put in their written books the real things that makes them. May be this will be different

  • Ben

    I’m looking forward to this great opportunity!!!

  • Gregory david femi

    I will be glad to be mentor by you pastor

  • Benard Onigah

    It takes a Man of great understanding to carry the younger generation along. The true essence of Sucess is the raising of sucesssors. Bless you Pastor Adelaja.

  • Emmanuel Onuorah

    Thank you sir for this privilege. More grace.

  • Oyelade Joseph

    Hello sir. I count it a rare privilege to see and hear of God’s great work through your life and ministry. I am indeed ready to be part of ur mentorship program
    Thank you and God bless

  • adebayo

    May God almighty enlarge ur coast

  • Christian

    It is good to be part of this great opportunity sir.

  • Olugbami victor

    Thank you sir for providing this robust opportunity and platform for me and the teeming subscribers to tap from the enormous deposit of God’s grace and rich wisdom in you. Your life as a testimony provides a stainless modelling example and functional compass for successful global leadership capita. I am privileged to be enlisted into the league of your mentees

  • felix kehinde Akinpelumi

    Thanks for the opportunity man of God.more anointing for supernatural exploits in Jesus Mighty name.looking forward to read from you.

  • Akinyemi

    Nice website.

  • Olayinka Joseph Awodapo

    To be a major force in the global business doing it Gods way and funding kingdom projects across the globe.

  • Clement Yanney

    Thank you for this opportunity. I am looking forward in tapping your wisdom as I am a young minister in a predominantly white community & looking for ways on how to win them for Jesus Christ.


  • Thank Our Heavenly Father for your earthly mission!
    Hope to visit you life in the future.

  • Adesoji Adedapo

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    I like you to be my mentor.
    Pray for me to fulfil God ,s calling to the fullest.

  • Onochie chukwuemeka

    We met at Tph Lagos Nigeria. The impact of your soul cry for a relevant ch still abides with me today. Thank u for representing Jesus the way You did. I will be glad to be a part of this. Onochie Chukwuemeka. Southern saviours pH. Nigeria.

  • Jennifet

    Dear Pastor Sunday,
    I am very honoured to follow you on face book. Your teachings have influenced my thinking to be a winning christian

  • Beatrice Lucy

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  • Victoria

    It’s really impressive that you created a forum like this irrespective of your busy schedule. May God bless you and continue to make you a blessing to our generation.

  • Dooyum Ahura

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  • Victoria

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  • thank you so much for accepting me as your student. l am bless to be a student under your ministry. may God bless u sir.

  • Evans Arko

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  • Pastor thank you very much,and may God keep blessing

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  • ojelabi kehinde

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    Here in d university of Ibadan alone we need help, we need God

  • Dear Pastor Sunday
    Firstly I great you In Jesus name I highly the work you are doing and wish to be mentored by you In Christ name

  • Bolaji Akala

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    This is a golden opportunity , thank God for your life,may the grace of God continue to move you on in Jesus name

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  • Terseer Emmanuel Ibua.

    Dear Pastor Adelaja,
    I have read two of your materials – Church Shift and Money won’t make you rich. The first is a “bomb”, an awesome material for aspiring young people. It was given to me by my pastor.
    After reading that book I searched for you and found you on fb and since then, I have followed your articles and opinions very closely. I must say this, you have been a blessing to our generation! That’s my opinion.
    I am extremely happy for this opportunity to be mentored by you because I feel God has called me into politics to show His light to my constituency.
    Finally, I have not read the tribute you wrote on Dr Myles but have listened to it a little bit on youtube and I am yet to be convinced on the reason why God will take you home prematurely when His word says: He will satisfy you with long life (psalms 91:16).
    Thank you very much sir.


    I thank God for this opportunity. I’ve been following for a long time now. I’ve been greatly blessed. Thank you Sir.

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    Sir, i sincerely appreciate the offer for mentorship, its highly demandiing and a great sacrifice however there are quite a few puzzle i want you to unravel. We are in a dispensation we are shown and discipled after doctrines more than bible ,we celebrate good works of our leaders above the work of righteousness of Jesus Christ(Rom ,5v7) . Is there redemption?

  • Mariana

    I want to work out my salvation with fear and trembling. That is why I have subscribed. Also sexual sin is prevalent every where and my prayer to God for all the brethren and I is that God may help us fight a good fight, keep the faith and finish out race in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  • Geoffrey Akueche

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    I am so happy to have lived in our generation. You have really been a great influencer of my life. I really desire to be part of the mentorship program. I tried to suscribe but it didnt go through.

    I dont know why. I will still keep trying.

    May God keep strenghtening you and give you more wisdom.

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  • Olaiya

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    More anointing.

  • Uzoma

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    Just for my knowledge sake i ask; please how does pastors writing spiritual books and selling them for a profit align with the word in Mathew 10:8 ‘…….freely you have received , freely give.’?

  • Chidimma owo

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  • Hello, Good evening pastor sunday.Thank you so much for the chance to become part of a renewed mentorship program with you, thanks Lord for operchunity for learning. Pastor I am from pakistan. I heard about HMT also what is gona be in april, I love to come there to learn but ticket is so expensive. And I do not have sources to come there and join you people for Iearning.its is in my prayer God make a way for me to come there in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ Amen!

  • Tochukwu

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  • Kelvin ogieriakhi

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  • Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity, God bless you, i tried subscribing but after filling the form the subscribe button is not active, has the scheme being closed?

    • administrator

      You’re welcome. No it has not been closed. You can still register. We look forward to having you on-board. Blessings!

  • Pastor Joel Abe

    All Glory and Honour to God who have been there for the next level of these ministries

  • I will love partner to your ministries

  • Blutches

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    Kindly let me know how I can get the book How to Keep your Focus today, Amazon cant deliver early to Nigeria. Thank you.

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    I am Happy to be mentor by your ministry God bless you the more Sir

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