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We All Have Misjudged Nigeria’s Problems, But Here Is The Solution! (Must read)

Femi Akinola recounts his experience and impressions after reviewing my new book titled “Nigeria And The Leadership Question”, which will be coming out on May 27th. Here is what he had to say. 

I finally settled into my seat for the last leg of my flight to Lagos Nigeria for the Christmas holidays, though my long frame craved for legroom. As I started to relax after the meal, I heard some guys, two rows back, talking about Nigerian politics and referring to the coming elections. I tried to ignore them, but I just couldn’t.


Femi Akinola

I had to contribute my two shekels worth. So I turned into the aisle, and before you know it we was about seven rows deep into this discussion of solving Nigeria’s political and economic problems. Each one was passionately sharing what he would do if he were elected leader of the country. Of course, that was the direction we took since we all believed our problem was one of leadership.

PBOOK001 (1)

New Book From Pastor Sunday Coming Out On May 27th

But how I wish I had read this book before that trip. We all had misjudged Nigeria’s problem. Pastor Sunday, in this book, takes the reader on a bird’s eye view journey of our political history from pre-colonial days through the democracy and military rule; and with careful research laced with examples, he captured the problems we face as a nation with a surgeon’s precision. Not only was I surprised to read what our real problems were, but Pastor Sunday also gave well thought out insights into solutions and strategies that will move us forward into international relevance.

Every progressive Nigerian who cares about seeing our beloved country move past corruption to becoming a first world nation should read this book.

I strongly believe it ought to be part of the national education curriculum in secondary schools and universities. We all should take responsibility for our country’s success, and reading this book I believe is a right step in the right direction. Thanks, Pastor Sunday for the fresh and powerful insights, I can no longer pass the buck, righting Nigeria starts with me.

Femi Akinola, CPA (Certified Public Accountant)

Owner, Harvest Time Enterprises, Los Angeles CA – a Tax and Accounting Services Corporation

More Tips on this New Revolutionary book by Pastor Sunday will be published tomorrow. You don’t want to miss it. Please share this with your friends. It’s the dawn of a  new era in Nigeria and the African continent. 



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