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Nigeria’s Problem Is Not That Of Leadership But That Of Abrogation Of Responsibility By The Masses – ‘Bola Adebola MSc

Whao!  This book is good enough for a thesis on taking Nigeria from being a sleeping GIANT to an awakened GIANT. Leadership Complete does not do justice to the length and breadth of discussing in this twelve chaptered book.   It is a book not entirely on Leadership but a book on re-orientation and re-educating Nigerians. From the introduction page to the last chapter it is full of factual discuss that not only opened the eyes of the reader but also added knowledge to the reader.

The introductory page paints a picture  of how Nigeria, through its stages of development  from  birth, independent democracy, military rules, civil war, etc., till now has walked from one dire state of affair to another because of challenges that appeared to defy solutions or because we have been treating the symptoms rather that the root cause of the problem.

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This New Book By Pastor Sunday Is Set To Be Released On May 27th!

Pastor Sunday Adelaja takes the reader through history and systems of the world delineating the various systems, their advantages and disadvantages of each, why a system worked for the system where it is applied and where a system has failed why it has failed.  He provides historical facts chronologically and relationship between the nations, the ruler(s) and the people.  He also touches  the relationship between national resources and how these have been employed for development and national building with the say so of the people who are partners in this joint ventures.  It is never the case of the leaders leading without the consent or the agreement of the citizens of the nations.  After the history lessons, painting of the global political, resources management, Pastor Sunday turns his full attention to what has been happening in Nigeria as he sees it.

Pastor Sunday offers a fresh perspective, a shift of paradigm and mindset to the challenges faced by Nigeria as a nation.  Like many writers before him have written, the leaders we have are the product of our values system.  To this end, he proffers that Nigeria’s problem is not that of Leadership but that of abrogation of responsibility by the masses – all Nigerians and a wrong value system.  Change of mindset is required.   Currently, the masses see and hope that leadership will change the situation of the masses in the country but time and time again the hope and reliance on the leaders to lead has not materialized.

No strand of the country was left out of the severe criticism for the adoption of wrong value system, which is producing the kind of leaders the country has raised from inception and independence from the colonial masters. He advocates that we look at the country’s value system and orientation and revamp or revalue them.


‘Bola Adebola MSc.

The crux of the matter according to Pastor Sunday is that Nigeria must now go beyond paper exercise to inculcate into the psyche of the a new value system where democracy is the sole responsibility of the elected leaders but that of the people of Nigeria. He emphasizes that democracy is not the abrogation of responsibility of the citizen to the leaders but accepting the responsibilities and making the leader(s) accountable. “Nigerians and Africans should accept and take responsibility for the growth and development of the nations (and continent), take responsibility for their economy, advancement, and citizenry. The Leaders are charged with the provision of vision and leading direction the people are to go.”   He argues that building and introducing to his readers of formidable and strong institutions are the way forward.  “Strong institutions are the bedrock of” of effective society. A system that is abhorrent /oppose corruption is the key for Nigeria.

Pastor Sunday Adelaja advocates for social sins such as – “open partisan; favoritism, intolerance to be frown upon at all levels of Nigeria society. Wealth without work, pleasure without conscience; success without humanity; knowledge without character; politics without principle; commerce without morality; worship without sacrifice (sic).

For good measure and as would be expected Pastor Sunday includes the God factor – in every chapter he uses the Scripture to buttress his point.  One commandment of God that filters through this beautifully written book is the need to love your neighbor as yourself and for Nigerians to express their wishes rather than allowing things to be done to or for them.  There is a demand for every Nigerian to have respect for life, respect for the law of the nation and obedience to the law of God.

This is a book that I enjoyed reading and would certainly recommend to all Nigerians and for that matter Africans to read in other to come out of the “third world classification, come off the list of poor nation – particularly for countries endowed with resources and wealth-riches on told.

This book should be on the reading list of Colleges and Universities.

‘Bola Adebola MSc.

Chief Exec Elderly Health & Social Care in the Community

Former South East Sheffield, England Primary Care Trust (NHS) Chairman

More Tips on this New Revolutionary book by Pastor Sunday set to be released on MAY 27TH will be published tomorrow. You don’t want to miss it. Please share this with your friends. It’s the dawn of a new era in Nigeria and the African continent. 



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