Quotes on Creating Your Future

 “The knowledge of the laws of life makes life predictable.”


“The future of every one of us is in our own hands”


“Everything in your life should be subject to the main purpose of life.”


“Your purpose should not be above God in your life.”


” Touch your vision daily.”


“Having begun, constantly move forward toward your goal, and you will definitely attain your goal.”


“Life will treat you according to how you observe its rules and principle.”


” Truth is always right, observing it guarantees us victory in life.”


” The person who does not plan his life is basically planning to fail.”


” If you fulfill God’s will, then God will always be your friend.”


” Darkness, that is, ignorance, limits our visibility.”


“Breakthrough is guaranteed, if there is enough light.”


” No one will rise above what he know”

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