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Friday’s Nuggets From Pastor Sunday.

LACK OF RESOURCE IS NOT AN OBSTACLE TO YOU BECOMING RICH: • Lack of resources is not an obstacle to success. • God sees your situation and knows what you do not know. • He is teaching you that big achievements begin with small ones. • Begin with getting the needed knowledge of what you want to do. • Next, […]

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THE PRIMARY CAUSE OF SELF-ABUSE. Whenever you possess something, but lack the understanding of its value, there are some consequences you suffer 3. YOU ABUSE YOUR LIFE Smoking is a worldwide problem, almost in every nation and culture. The fight against this menace is so comprehensive that, even the very same package of cigarettes now carry warning to its potential victims. […]

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Monday’s Nuggets From Pastor Sunday.

IMPORTANT FACTORS IN WEALTH CREATION: Go over the principles of money over and over again, analyze your financial situation and start putting into immediate practice what you have learned. Remember, knowledge is nothing until it is established by action. Mastery over money allows you to serve God effectively while your money works for you. Millions of people all over the […]

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30-Year-Old Nigerian Tech Entrepreneur May Run Apple Out of Business In Africa!

A 30-year-old Nigerian phone entrepreneur by the name of Michael Akindele has been making great strides in the mobile device market — so much so, that he has been challenging tech giants such as Apple. The company, SOLO Phone, was started in 2012, and Akindele serves as director and co-founder. The company is aimed at delivering mobile solutions, services, and […]

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Wednesday’s Nuggets From Pastor Sunday

VITAL KINGDOM TRUTHS: Your promised land will always involve meeting other peoples need. When you confine true ministry to the fivefold ministries, you make 95% of the church irrelevant. The best way to explore your Promised Land is through education. Knowledge must lead to righteousness. Nobody can go further than their knowledge. More knowledge and wisdom on the kingdom can […]

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Thursday’s Nuggets From Pastor Sunday

IMPORTANCE OF KINGDOM KNOWLEDGE If you already hold a position of authority, stay ahead of the rest by constantly searching out and studying the new developments. Misuse, ruin, and destruction are inevitable where there is no knowledge. Knowledge, understanding and wisdom enable kings to reign effectively. Education and wisdom were the secrets to Jesus’s dominion. Nobody can go further than […]

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Monday’s Daily Nuggets From Pastor Sunday.

SECRETS OF SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE: Successful people know that true education is what you get for yourself and by yourself. It is not something someone gives or tells you. True Success in life does not come by luck. A lucky man is not a successful man. True winners know that they must develop skills and acquire knowledge before becoming truly successful […]

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In the last few months, I have been actively involved in the social and political affairs of my native country Nigeria. As a result, many of my well-wishers and friends have become very concerned, especially those who don’t really know me intimately. These folks are of the opinion that I am digressing from my main calling as a Pastor, when […]

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