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This Book’s Perspective On The Responsibility Of The Nigerian Citizen Is Quite Revealing And Worth Looking At – Felix Achibiri

Dear Pastor Sunday, Let me start by commending you once again for a timely intervention in the discourse on Nigeria’s national and leadership question through your book, Nigeria and the Leadership Question. At a time when the nation has failed to reach its full potential and bedevilled by socio-economic challenges leading to the blame game between the ruling class and the […]

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Nigeria’s Problem Is Not That Of Leadership But That Of Abrogation Of Responsibility By The Masses – ‘Bola Adebola MSc

Whao!  This book is good enough for a thesis on taking Nigeria from being a sleeping GIANT to an awakened GIANT. Leadership Complete does not do justice to the length and breadth of discussing in this twelve chaptered book.   It is a book not entirely on Leadership but a book on re-orientation and re-educating Nigerians. From the introduction page to […]

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