Book #8: Could You Be The Abraham of Your Nation?

Book #8: Could You Be The Abraham of Your Nation?


Abraham is a name that you would hardly find a person in the whole world wide who would not have something to say about him. This is understandable because Abraham is the source of the three leading religions of the world: Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

All these three religions mentioned above, see their origin as being one way or the other connected to the person of Abraham. In all, over 3 billion people claim Abraham as their progenitor. Wow, what a heritage! What an influence! What a generation!

What is it that gave Abraham the honor to become the progenitor of such a great dynasty? That is the question that I am going to explore in this book. Even more importantly though, I am going to try and answer the question, what can you and I do to deserve such an honor?

As a Christian for almost 30 years, I have been privileged to have listened to thousands of messages surrounding the topic of Abraham. Ministers of God have preached about Christians being the heirs of Abraham. We have spoken vastly about the blessings of Abraham. Some have preached on the faith of Abraham, yet others have laid emphasis on the fact that we are all the children of Abraham. There could be no end to variations of messages and teachings surrounding the person of Abraham.

No matter how we turn and twist this subject, in my thinking, the bottom line is for us to discover for ourselves how we could all replicate the feat of Father Abraham. This book will empower you to rise up and join the league of great men, who like Abraham, are fathers of many nations.


This chapter gives a deeper understanding of who Abraham is. What made him the father of many nations? It explains the life of Abraham, and what he did that is worth emulating. Symbolically, there could be many Abraham’s in all spheres of life. Who are they? Who can be called an Abraham?

  • Politically
  • Economically
  • Religiously

Abraham was a man of faith. He didn’t need proof to believe, unlike today’s generation.

Nations and the whole world at large await men like Abraham.

Politically, an Abraham is needed for better governance and systems.

Religiously, an Abraham is needed to exemplify practical faith. So this chapter will explain what it means to be an Abraham in each sphere of life, and give the reader a food for thought as to whether or not he/she could called an Abraham.


The story of Abraham is not an entertainment tale. It is not only to be narrated, but to be lived.

This chapter will point out the lesson to be learned from the story of Abraham.

“Even as Abraham believed God, and it was accounted to him for righteousness. Know you therefore that they which are of faith, the same are the children of Abraham. And the scripture, foreseeing that God would justify the heathen through faith, preached before the gospel unto Abraham, saying, in thee shall all nations be blessed. So then they which be of faith are blessed with faithful Abraham.” Galatians 3:6-9

A paramount truth from this scripture is that The Almighty God is opening the eyes of every person everywhere to see the possibility of bringing salvation to all nations, cities and countries.

This chapter will focus on what God wants the whole world to learn from Abraham.

It will emphasize that there are no chosen few, but everyone could bring salvation to their nation, and thus the world.

It is not enough to admire Abraham, but each one must learn that: Greatness could be achieved through following the footsteps of Abraham.


The story of Abraham opens up a whole world of possibilities for us as individuals and for every nation under the sun. The opportunity is that every nation on earth has the chance of experiencing salvation. What we have learned from the example of Abraham is that every nation could experience redemption just as individuals do. This is a very sombre realization.

This chapter will therefore open the reader’s eyes to this world of opportunities. Thinking about Abraham alone is an opportunity for us to examine our lives and face the reality.

Do we have faith? Have we walked it? Are we concerned about what is happening around us? Do we intend to do something about it? What will we be remembered for?

The above thought provokers open doors to diverse possibilities. It is possible, that by choosing to be like Abraham, one will change his world. It is also possible, that by deciding to have the faith of Abraham, one will do great exploits. It is possible that economies will change, if only one person believed in change and stood for it.

In this chapter therefore, the story of Abraham will be used to captivate the reader; and the only escape route will be for him/her to find one possible way they could be of impact to their society/nation/world.


The other lesson that we have to deduce from the Abrahamic story, is that God is so kind to humanity that He actually documented not just the story of what happened to Abraham, but more importantly the PRINCIPLE by which he(Abraham) was able to do what he did.

This chapter will bring Abraham’s principle to light. It emphasizes that knowing Abraham’s story is not enough, but getting to know the principles under which his life turned out to be a great success.

There is no story of greatness without some underlying principles that steered it. The reader therefore, in this chapter, will be challenged to not only know about great men, but also learn the principles they use on their way to greatness. It will also challenge the reader to be an imitator of these principles to achieve the same, or even greater results. Focus on not only getting to know the story, but the formulas, algorithms that made the story.


Like mentioned in the previous chapter, it is difficult to attain greatness without underlying the principles that work. Many have fallen victims and as a result, we have churches and nations filled with good Christian men and women who all know the stories of the Bible, but WITHOUT THE POWER! As a matter of fact, most of the world’s renowned atheists and agnostics were raised up in churches. They remember the Bible stories from their Sunday Schools, but because they were not exposed to the power behind these stories, they grew up to become enemies of the faith of their fathers.

What is even worse than that, is the fact that majority of people who did not become atheists or agnostics, those who profess to be Christians and go to Sunday services religiously, might themselves simply know the stories of the Bible, WITHOUT THE EXPLOITS!

This chapter calls on the reader to be a reproducer of the greatness he has read about, to do exploits.

It is easy to be motivated and get excited by the exploits of others, but the truth is that we are not less privileged. Just like any other man, we can climb the ladder of greatness if we decide to go for it. Admiring the great doesn’t make us great, we consciously choose to walk that way.

“He who knows how to read and doesn’t read is no better than he who can’t read.” In the same line, knowing the stories of great mean and doing nothing makes us no better than those who know nothing at all.  We must there decide to be men of exploits, after deriving the principles behind them.


Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” Jesus

When you go to church, don’t just read the Bible and quote the scriptures, seek to find out the secrets behind the occurrences therein. One of the greatest lessons we could learn from Abraham is that he discovered a principle, secret, through which nations could be redeemed.

This chapter focuses on the importance of faith. Most believers have become so religious that they miss on the most important thing; a relationship and faith in the father.

Like Jesus said, just a little faith can move mountains. Mountains here could represent the challenges the world is facing today. A man of faith, as little is the mustard seed, is what we need today.

Abraham knew this secret perfectly well, and his life was enough evidence of his great faith. From His walk with God, He learned more secrets, which is no exception for us if we choose to walk the same road.


Abraham practiced what he learned from God in practical terms. For example, he discovered that God was a great God and the next thing you see is that Abraham became exceedingly great. When he discovered that God was the Lord of the universe who owns heaven and earth, soon afterwards we could read that Abraham had established his own estate, whereby he had become wealthy in livestock, silver and in gold. When Abraham discovered the righteousness of God and his perfection, that became his goal and aspiration. Soon afterwards we could read about Abraham becoming the righteousness of God. When Abraham found out that God is about relationships, he began to pursue Him so much that God would soon brag on him that “behold Abraham my friend.”

This chapter tells the reader that he should show his faith with actions. After all, how will one know that he can walk in faith if he doesn’t take the challenge? By learning and applying the principles and secrets, we gradually change and thus influence our environment. In so doing, we are living the faith and greatness is inevitable.


Being pragmatic is defined as dealing with things sensibly and realistically in a way that is based on practical rather than theoretical considerations.

This chapter will therefore call on the reader to believe on what works best and thus adopt it.

What is the principle that Abraham took advantage of that qualified him to become the father of nations? Remember that Abraham from what we have read above is a very practical and pragmatic believer, what he discovered in God, he manifested in his life.

The reader will be challenged to be practical in his belief. Pragmatic enough,  to follow the footsteps of our founding fathers and believe that the best lies ahead.

Set examples of other pragmatic believers like Malala and Martin Luther King Jnr and what they did, and how their pragmatism impacted on the world.

The foretold story of Abraham and other great men must not end at motivation only, but lead to the becoming too. The reader will be challenged to take action, to become.


Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” – Thomas A. Edison


When Abraham discovered that nations could become righteous by faith, he took advantage of it. He decided to believe God for his own nation. Abraham stepped out by faith in a rather difficult circumstance. How could you become the father of nations when you could not even have a child? This was a daunting challenge before Abraham. Yet, he successfully confronted and surmounted the challenge. He believed until he saw the manifestation. He moved ahead to work and labor to create his own nation. Building economic power,  sustainable wealth base, laying foundations for the next generations that he couldn’t see. He stepped out by faith, changed locations, dug wells, made friends, fought wars, was he doing all these for himself? No sir! He was doing all these for the nation he had believed God for. A righteous nation that is created and justified by faith. Is he not just an empty dreamer? At this point remember he did not even have a son yet. Faith does not only believe, faith acts out what it believes.

This chapter aims at encouraging the reader not to see the difficulty but the hidden opportunity that lies deep within. Many have seen the need for change, many desire that things will become better. But no one wants to be the change agent because of the foreseen tasks lying ahead. The chapter therefore lets the reader know that despite the challenges to be faced during the change process, it is a great opportunity for them to get involved and be a part of the history making. It highlights the need of seeking opportunities in every challenge.


“Why Abraham?” “Is there anything special about him?” I used to think there was something special about him until now that I hear people asking similar questions about me, “why Sunday Adelaja?” “Is there something special about him?” I know for a fact that there is nothing special about me, I simply discovered some secrets as Abraham did.

This chapter will focus on standing up for change. Everyone is looking up to somebody to be a solution to their problems, no one is thinking of a way that will help save others from the same situations they are facing.

The modus operandi of God is that He would normally start with a model. In all things, God always needed an example for others to follow. Israel was such an example. God needed Abraham also as an example for others who would come after him. God needed to create a picture to put before all people in all nations and from all generations; that behold, a man who dared to believe God and became counted for righteousness because of it.

The chapter will therefore highlight that we are called today to be the bridging gap between the current and the future we want to see, to become the Abraham’s of our nations.

The chapter will explore on the fact that everyone can impact on his society in one way or another. Stress on the fact that just as Abraham believed and achieved great results, we could too.


It is expedient to know that the promise to become a father of nations is not to Abraham alone.

“For the promise, that he should be the heir of the world, was not to Abraham, or to his seed, through the law, but through the righteousness of faith.Therefore it is of faith that it might be by grace; to the end the promise might be sure to all the seed; not to that only which is of the law, but to that also which is of the faith of Abraham; who is the father of us all.” Rom. 4:13, 16

We are all called to be fathers and mothers of our nations. The promise was not to Abraham alone, but to us and even the coming generations.

Many wrongly believe that greatness is set for a selected few. This chapter will explain that no one is special, and all are capable of doing exploits. It was by faith that Abraham became who he turned out to be, and the same is possible for anyone who will believe.


One of the essentials to becoming father of faith is not only to believe, even though all exploits in life start with faith. However to become a father of nations is a different ball game altogether. In this case you must not simply have faith, but you must be able to have what I call an enduring faith like Abraham.

It is easy to give up when everything falls out of place. It is easy to doubt the possibility of change when the journey is rough and tough. However, it is a persevering faith that enables you to keep on believing when visible realities are showing you the opposite of what you are believing for. It is the ability to, like Abraham, against hope, believe in hope. Whenever you have sacrificed and paid a huge price for things to change in your nation and you look, instead of seeing what you had believed God for, yet the realities are the same. It is in such a situation like this, you need an enduring faith to keep on moving, to keep on believing, to keep on trusting, to keep on sacrificing and to keep on daring.

This chapter will focus on the importance of fighting to the end. The only way to win is never to quit. The reader will be reminded to always have the goal in mind, and that hard times will be there. The crown is only given to those who finish the race, and not those who left before the end.

By endurance, we become better. It is like the gold refining process. The more pressure, the finer and brighter the gold. It is like the washing machine. The more turns, the better for the stains to be washed off. It is like the sand paper, the more it is rubbed against the wall, the smoother. After reading this chapter, the reader should be excited about tough times, and seek to grow, without giving up the dream.


Another aspect of this faith that enables a person become father of nations, is the ability to begin from nothing and yet work for the invincible future and destiny of the nation. Abraham was working for the building of the new nation even when he didn’t have a seed of his own to start with. He was constructing a new nation without even having a child. Then after he had a seed in Isaac, that is still a long way from becoming a nation from one son, yet he persevered, believed, trusted and moved on in faith until he saw the manifestation. His faith justified him. Isaac indeed would one day become one of the leading nations of the earth.

There are many good intentions in the hearts of people, but countless excuses as to why they are not being implemented.  I don’t have the capital. I don’t have the resources. I have no people to work with. Nobody else seems interested. The list goes on and on.

This chapter kills excuses, and gives reasons as to why everyone must rise up and do something. It kills the mentality that without money nothing great can be achieved. It rather makes it clear that what is needed is an Abraham, and an idea, then the faith to take action regardless of the setbacks.


Most of our nations today are frankly speaking heathen nations, howbeit they are modern. We are all therefore in the same starting point as Abraham. Now, we must perform the same feat that Abraham performed by faith for our own nations. The good thing is God has made provision for the justification of nations. His words are established in heaven forever. It is final, that nations can be saved and be redeemed by faith.

This chapter is a call to join Abraham, and other great women and men that made the world a better place that we enjoy today.

It is a call to believe, and act in that faith to achieve great feats.

God has done his own part, he has made the provision and he has made clear the rules of the game. The only thing that is left is, men and women who could trust God as did Abraham, to help bring back their nations to God almighty.

By practical examples, the chapter mentions others who believed, and joined the league.  Stressing on the fact that the time is right, it is now.

This last chapter therefore lets the reader know that the whole world is waiting for us to do something, and we must therefore join the league in saving our nations, our world.



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