Book #9: For The Love Of God And Nation

Book #9: For The Love Of God And Nation




If we say a pastor’s account of Nigerian’s journey towards the peaceful election, that would mean that I am just a journalist reporting or giving an account of what happened. Many people have done that already. I don’t want to give an account of the 2015 elections. I would rather give an account of my own actions, which is a stand against all odds. My own idea of writing this book is to teach our nation and youth, how to stand for what is right even if it is unpopular.

Throughout all my books, what I do is, I try to communicate values. I cultivate godly principles through personal examples and I also use the examples of other great men in history, to help people make the right choices. If we say however a Pastor’s courageous stand, it first of all arouses interest in the reader to question, what happened? Who is that? What did he do? What makes it courageous?  Those questions bring automatic interest to the book. Moreover, believe me, many people lack courage and that type of title would appeal to them. How did that Pastor get it? How did he get the courage to stand against the majority?

Chapter 1 – Historical context

Nigeria, a nation of great people, a nation with destiny. This great nation is considered Africa’s most populous nation with well over 150 million people spread across its 36 states and geo-political zones. It has been proven time and again that one in every five people in sub-Saharan Africa calls Nigeria a home. The scale of ethnic and language diversity in Nigeria is second to none in Africa, and across the nations of the world. Presently, there are more than 250 ethnic groups speaking thousands of languages, of which 10 account for more than 80% of total population. A strategic partner to many G-7 nations, including the United States, Nigeria ranks among the first ten biggest oil and gas producing countries in the world.

Chapter 2 – When the righteous is quiet/silent, evil triumphs

It only takes one bold and courageous man to speak out to ignite the passion for change. History beckons to us on the recent crisis that rocked the Arab world in what is popularly known as the “Arab Spring”. It took a man who was tired of the status quo to ignite the fire of change across the Arab world. Nations that were held with the iron fists of dictators for several decades began to crumble.

One of the greatest men that lived in this world was known as “Norman Vincent Pearl”. In his words,

Do the thing you fear, and the death of fear is certain”

The greatest enemy of change is fear. If the status quo in the nation of Nigeria must not continue, then we all in our different domains must graduate from passiveness to action. We must speak out against the evil in our land. No institution is more required to constantly speak out against evil in our land like Nigeria’s religious institutions.

With sadness in my heart, I will have to concede that the words of George Orwell can be said of our Nigerian Christian community today.

‘’The further a society (group of people) drift from truth, the more it will hate those that speak it’’ 

I see so much hatred, just because as a Pastor, I took a position that does not agree with what the majority of my brethren think to be right. But alas, this is a sign that our society and indeed our Christian community is in fact drifting from truth.

No one truly achieves greatness without following this lonely path of standing for something. For “if you don’t stand for something, you are sure to fall for anything”. “If you don’t know where you are going, anywhere you get to would look like it”. I am calling on my friends in Nigeria, including pastors and those that are not pastoring to rise up and join forces with me and others that God has raised to champion the cause of truth in our beloved nation of Nigeria.

Chapter 3 – A stand for posterity

In the words of the great protestant reformer Dr. Martin Luther

Unless I am convinced by proofs from scriptures or by plain or clear reasons and arguments. I can and will not retract for it is neither
safe nor wise to do anything against conscience. Here I stand I can do
no other. God help me, Amen!

How does the dictionary define the word “posterity”? The definition is this: “Succeeding or future generations collectively” Friends, there is a whole world of difference between “prosperity and posterity”. Men and women that are driven by prosperity would see no reason why they should stand out for something in their generation. Posterity drives a man to make sacrifices at any cost. We have seen so many people in this world with the passion to make sacrifice for the children of tomorrow. The sacrifices made by our fore fathers in the past times are the bedrocks of the success most of us are enjoying in this present dispensation.

Chapter 4 – We only win by love

There is no battle in life that cannot be won by love. Though many times, we don’t fully understand what love means,its effect can be very significant in bonding us together. Everything about the Christian faith is love. The Christian faith is the only “religion” with one commandment. Jesus makes this clear from His words in the scripture. Our attitudes, characters and behavior must demonstrate to our brothers and sisters in the other religions that we are truly connected to Jesus, the number one emblem of love. In the bible, we all carry around, professing to be guided by its principles, I see a love barometer in 1st Corinthians 13:1-8. Fellow Christians, please don’t repeat the mistakes of Islamic fundamentalist. Only light can overcome darkness and only love can overcome hate.

Chapter 5 – A wake-up call to the Nigerian church

Like I have mentioned time and again, one of the most important concerns of the people writing comments on my articles is the declaration of the intention of the fundamentalists to Islamize Nigeria. I don’t know why my fellow Christians should be afraid of that. The Muslims have the right to declare their own intentions as much as we have the right to declare ours. I would rather say kudos to the Muslims for organizing themselves with an agenda even though that agenda could be evil, but they must be commended for having a plan, a goal and an organization to implement it.

Chapter 6 – I would rather stand alone

As I stated in my earlier endorsement, Gen Buhari cannot be said to be a Muslim fundamentalist. The fruits of his life attest to the opposite. If he had been a Muslim fundamentalist like they say he is, answer this question my fellow Christians; why didn’t he Islamize Nigeria when he was the head of the military junta? How comes everybody is believing that now as a democratically elected president he would be able to do it? I am sorry but this is a lazy argument. I think the Nigerian Christians should be more matured to think deeper than that. Unfortunately, I see that the Nigerian Christians have mainly refused to think for themselves. We Just swallow whatever we are told instead of being like the Berean Christians.

Chapter 7 – Nobody can Islamize Nigeria

Do you really believe it is practically possible to Islamize Nigeria right now? For that to happen, they will have to wipe out all the Christians in the country, in the government, in all the states, which is just impossible to imagine. It is just not going to happen. For that to happen, they have to change the constitution which would demand two third of the votes from the two chambers of the Nigerian parliament and the state assemblies.

2 Corinthians 10:4-5


“For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in god for pulling down strongholds, casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of god, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ’’.

No single individual can Islamize Nigeria, even if he is the president. The president does not make all the decisions in Nigeria. Apart from the president, we have the judiciary. We have the legislature, then we have the states. We have the state legislatures. It is impossible for one man to even undertake such an assignment talk less of fulfilling it.

Chapter 8 – Deliverance from ignorance and mental darkness

A respected clergy in Nigeria said something I really like:

“There is no mountain anywhere. Every man’s mountain is his ignorance”.

That is how bad ignorance can be in the life of any man who cares to listen. One of the greatest evil confronting the church in Nigeria is ignorance. Pardon me if you feel insulted by that generalization. I am not in any way condemning the Nigerian church from where I came out. I respect the grace of God on the lives of millions of my brothers and sisters who are laboring for Christ in their respective areas of calling. However, we still have to agree to the reality of this common enemy,if we wish to make a headway in bringing revival into our nation at the scale expected of us. Come to think of it, many were wondering, how could I be defending the interests of Muslim Nigerians? Am I not a pastor? Some even went to the extent of calling me a fake pastor. Well, I will borrow wisdom from the words of Malcom X

‘’I am for the truth no matter who tells it, I am for justice no matter who it is for or against’’.

Chapter 9 – Let’s live together as brothers or perish together as fools

Now, permit me to go into the crux of the matter. As usual, I would like to present my arguments on why I believe the Nigerian Christians should stop the panic. And why I am certain Gen. Buhari is not going to Islamize Nigeria. Let’s assume we didn’t elect Gen. Buhari , could we say that by 2019 we would not need to elect a Muslim anyway? We all know that because of the complexities of our country, there is no way only Christians will perpetually rule the nation without a civil war breaking out.

Justice demanded from us as Christians that sooner or later, one way or another, a northern Muslim would become president of this country, because they have the right. If it was not going to be Gen. Buhari, it would be someone else. Maybe a much more fundamentalist than Gen Buhari. So sooner or later all those that are now clamoring against Muslims or Islamic presidency will be forced to support another Muslim candidate for presidency. The way forward for Nigeria can be seen in the words of Martin Luther king

“we must learn to live together as brothers or we will perish together as fools’’

Chapter 10 – Everything rises and falls on leadership

President Jonathan’s government justifies the sum of about N1 trillion spent on security, despite the growing insecurity situation in the country. Yet, the military and security officials are still considered ill-equipped to tackle the Boko Haram insurgency. Despite all manner of sporadic bombings in the country by Boko Haram our president maintains that the federal government is winning the war on terror, that Nigeria is safe for living.

A man who goes out to say all is well when things are falling apart around him can be said to be oblivious and ignorant of the plight and sufferings of people he swore to protect and serve. Moreover, as thousands of Nigerian families are going for the funerals of their loved ones, our president is busy moving from one party/ceremony to the other.

Chapter 11 – When kings feast in the morning

Plato is my friend— Aristotle is my friend — but my greatest friend is the truth’. Therefore I say “Jonathan is my president, Goodluck is a Christian, but Nigeria is my greatest love”.

I have personally met President Jonathan on two occasions while he was the vice-president of the country. There is no doubt that President Jonathan is a good and gentle man from my observations, but a good man does not always translate to a good or efficient leader.

I have told everybody that cares to listen in my private conversations with my friends since 2007 that even though God must have given President Jonathan the chance to become Nigeria’s president, yet my feeling is that he is grossly limited. He would need a team of super-efficient leaders to make his government work, otherwise, on his own he is simply not in the consciousness of what good governance is all about. My first major concern during our meetings is that He was always in a ‘sleep mode’. I don’t think he is ever fully awake and this was my impression on both occasions. He was always looking lost, sleepy and even out rightly dozing off during conversations, at least during my meetings with him. Please bear in mind that in both cases I came with teams of leaders from different countries such as: USA, Sweden, Spain, Ukraine, Nigeria, yet my vice-president was listening to us half asleep.

Chapter 12 – Truth my greatest friend

I would like to appeal to everyone that will read this book not to be in a hurry to ‘stone’ me, especially before you finish reading it. This is because I have seen a lot of emotions, sentiments and prejudices from the comments that were written under a related article I had  posted on my Facebook page. As a matter of fact, I was not planning to make my position a public knowledge, but seeing the reactions and the emotions that any form of support for Buhari/Osinbajo generates among Christians, I decided to make my position known at least to those who see me as a leader in the body of Christ

Chapter 13 – Give honor to whom honor is due.  Post-election articles

Professor Jega, you are a modern day hero. You are a hero to this generation of Nigerians. You have just proven to all of us and to the next generation that it is possible to be honest. You also proved that it is possible to be sincere and truthful in the Nigerian society. You made it clear that it is possible to go against the powers that be and still don’t compromise. You have proven yourself to be an incorrigible leader. We know that your actions would be a positive example to future leaders of our Independent Electoral Commission (INEC). They will be following in your footsteps. We believe that you have laid the legacy of truth, and henceforth, we will  have leaders who will be dedicated and more interested in committing themselves to the truth rather than to pleasing men at its expense.

Thank you for standing on your ground. Thank you for voicing your opinion when it mattered. Thank you for not seeing yourself under the influence of any political power or political office holder. I think Nigerians owe you a huge debt of gratitude for the victory we attained. We are celebrating largely, thanks to your principled position, your commitment and your sacrifice.

Chapter 14 – Hope for a new Nigeria. Post-election Articles

I however would like to drop a word of advice to you on the aspiration of our people. Even though you are already aware of this and all other complex issues facing our fatherland, yet as a leader in the body of Christ I feel obliged to let you hear of your people’s groaning’s from this side of the ocean.

“The Only Thing Necessary For The Triumph Of Evil Is For Good Men To Do Nothing.”


– Edmund Burke

Chapter 15 – conclusion

Today, I want to talk to my dear critics. You might not believe this, but I actually took my time to read every critical comment that people wrote on my wall. I took my time to note every argument. To hear their reasoning. I decided to keep quiet, because they didn’t know what I know. They don’t know the position I am speaking from, because everything is about perspective. With all humility, some of my critics have not been to where I have been, hence they are not Pastor Sunday. If I had lived by the things they were telling me to do, I won’t have being who I am today, but still I want to appreciate all of you that criticized me and wrote something negative. Thank you for your views.

A wise man once said…

People don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed”


– Friedrich Nietzsche

So, I don’t mind criticism, I don’t mind people expressing opposing views about my opinion, but I want to appeal to Nigerians to be more civil and sophisticated in disagreement.


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