Book #4: Insulted by the Ungodliness

Book #4: Insulted by the Ungodliness


In our world today, godliness is steadily becoming an uncommon thing, and people are becoming uncomfortable with godliness Therefore, as a result of this, ungodliness is becoming the norms in many societies, and this is happening in different nations of the world. There is therefore a need for a set of people to arise, those who will be intentionally insulted by ungodliness, or uncomfortable with ungodliness.

Some people endeavour to change their society, while some other don’t just bother. In most cases in our society today, most people refuse to be challenged by the ungodliness they see around them. In other words, they refused to be provoked to godly things, which build nations and develop society.

However, because of their refusal, they simply daily neglect the insult of ungodliness. Yes, most people daily neglect the insult of ungodliness. They see the insult of ungodliness as a norm, and this have to change. This is the reason for this book.

People who are insulted by ungodliness are those who eventually change their nations. These are the people who make a difference in their world. Somehow God has a way of using insults to build something constructive. God has a way of having his own way with our anger.

Malala Yousafzai would not sit down and watch how the Pakistani radical Muslims deprived girls the right to formal education. For years, the Taliban blew up schools, where girls studied almost on a daily basis.

Despite her tender age, Malala would not compromise with her conscience. She started her campaign against the almighty Taliban at the age of 11. She was frustrated and converted it into action. She started a movement whereby she began to speak for the rights of girls to go to school.

When the Taliban announced that from the 15th of January 2009, no girl would be allowed to go to school in her Swat Valley part of Pakistan, she got so irritated and angry that she defied the ban and boldly declared “they cannot stop me…our challenge to the world around us is: save our school, save our Pakistan, save our Swat.”

The force of Malala’s passion was just too much for the might of the Taliban. Her defiance, her doggedness and her persistence made them to organize an attempt on her life in the year 2012. Luckily for her she survived. Today the example of Malala has become a wonderful story of inspiration to people worldwide, of how we should never be indifferent to the wrongs in our society.


In this chapter, we will look at the root of being insulted by ungodliness. Examples of synonyms of ungodliness are depraved, corrupt, improper, and profane. Likewise, examples of synonyms of injustice are crime, inequality, iniquity, and wrongdoing. From these made known, it is obvious that injustice is a direct product of ungodliness.

Therefore, this beginning chapter unveils a direct fruit of ungodliness in the society and in the nations in general, which is injustice.

“That the godless man reign not, That there be none to ensnare the people”. Job 34:30

From the above Scriptures, the strength is given to ungodliness when godless men are in power. That is, when ungodly people are in the helm of affairs, injustice will be the order of the day. Therefore, this book, and beginning from this chapter is to enable you to see and to know the reason why you should feel insulted and to be provoked by ungodliness; injustice around you.

Quoting the statement of a great man; Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Who said; “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”.



Parliament is made up of people voted in to make laws. Laws are made therefore for the people. The people are not made for the law. Therefore, the law or any practice that is not for the good of the people must be changed.

William Wilberforce used his presence on the platform of the Parliament of England to bring a change to a practice that was dehumanizing, which was slave trade. This informs us that, Wilberforce was determined to be furious at ungodliness that was taking place in his time.

In this chapter we will look at his life and other individuals who have become examples for us today. Who are they? They took it upon themselves to feel insulted and to be infuriated by ungodliness in their time. Therefore, they have acted promptly, properly and according to the power at their disposal to bring about change.

Stating a quote from Edward I. Wheeler, who said; “The pen is mightier than the sword”.

Also, we will look at the example of a senior parliamentarian; Joseph, a Prime Minister in his rank, who through his wisdom brought change to Egypt.

“He made him lord of his house, and ruler of all his substance: To bind his princes at his pleasure; and teach his senators wisdom”. Psalm 105: 21, 22.

This chapter deals with people who through their position as a parliamentarian, and those who through their pens, brought great change to the people, just because they chose to be insulted by ungodliness around them.



Freedom and right are synonyms. Therefore, someone who fights for the freedom of a people is fighting for the right of such people.

According to the United Nations universal declaration of human rights, according to Article 3 which states that, “Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person”.

Mary Slessor was a Scottish missionary to Africa who championed the fight against destruction of lives. This was even before the United Nations charter; she has simply lived in the truth beyond her time. This was because, she was angry at what she was seeing, she was furious and angry at injustice and ungodliness around her in Calabar, Nigeria.

In this chapter, we are going to look at the lives of individuals who have lived exemplary lives to fight what has insulted them, such as injustice, wickedness, bondage, cruelty, corruption and wars. Thus is because they saw themselves; their personalities; their beliefs; their philosophies insulted by those ungodly acts.

“And in those days, that Moses was grown and he went out unto his brethren, and looketh on their burdens, and spied an Egyptian, smiting a man, a Hebrew, one of his brethren. And he went out on the second day, and behold two men of the Hebrews strove together: and he said to him that did the wrong, wherefore smites thou thy fellow?” Exodus 2: 11, 13

Moses was a freedom fighter in his own strength from the onset. He was angry at ungodliness, but no success for him, until he was called in a divine manner to deliver and make freedom reality for his own people, in a divine manner. This is part of what we shall look into in this chapter, among other things. Moses became a great deliverer for his people, because he originally felt insulted by ungodliness. This confirms the fact that, it is those that are insulted by ungodliness that makes a change in their nations. They make a difference in their generations.



It is no longer a new knowledge that Martin Luther spear headed the reformation that rocked and swept through the Roman Catholic world. Martin Luther had the audacity to challenge the supreme authority of the papacy, just as he was backed by Heaven authority and power.

This was able to be done because Martin Luther was infuriated, and insulted by ungodliness, by corruption, by injustice and by wickedness of his time. Martin Luther backed by Heaven’s authority and grace, he was able to bring about a great change, not only to the Christian world, but to the whole world in general.

Martin Luther’s reformation campaign began in 1517, and the change, the truth, the light, and the development it brought are still with us till today. Just because one man who stood for the truth, progress and development was insulted by ungodliness of his time.

He was able to challenge the status quo; therefore, he brought illumination, progress and development to the whole world. This further solidify the fact that, it is those that are insulted by ungodliness, insulted by injustice, insulted by corruption and evil around them, that can make a change in their society and eventually in their generation.

In this chapter, we shall further look into the life of Martin Luther and the lives of others individuals, who can be referred to as reformers. They all lived in different generations apart, but they were all insulted by ungodliness, injustice and other vices in their society, nations and generations, and they made a positive change.


“If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for everything”.

“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honourable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well”. Ralph Waldo Emerson

From the above quote, it unveils that life is more than being happy, it is to impact lives and live for the good of your generation. However, it is only those who feel insulted by ungodliness, injustice, corruption and darkness around them that can make a positive change and impact their generation.

To be useful, you have to give yourself – serve.

To be honourable, you have to make sacrifice for others.

To be compassionate, you have to forget your own comfort zone.

Then, you are able to live well, because you live beyond yourself. And these can only be carried out by those who have given all to make a change. This is how to live a purposeful life; an impactful life.

What bothers you today, or what gives you concerns today, could be a signpost to your purpose in life. In this chapter therefore, we shall look into what you need, to be able to fulfil your life full-purpose. We will also look into examples of individuals who fulfilled their life full-purpose as a result of their being insulted by corruption, ungodliness, injustice and the evil around them.


Mordecai was a man who felt insulted by oppression, ungodliness and injustice against his people, the Jews, in the land of captivity. He was so insulted by ungodliness, injustice, and corruption in the land, which is personified in Haman, that he refused to bow to this man called Haman.

No, Mordecai was not a proud man, he was only infuriated, displeased. For so long, he has been insulted by the ungodliness, and the injustice he and his people, the Jews faced while in captivity in the land of Persia.

“Surely oppression maketh a wise man mad; …”. Ecclesiastes 7:7

This was the experience of Mordecai.

The experience of Mordecai we will look into in this chapter. How his life, principles, believe, faith and philosophy of life brought about the emancipation of the Jews, while in the land of bondage.

This shows and confirms that, one man can surely change the society, a nation and the world in general. This man is the one that is insulted by ungodliness, injustice and corruption around him, and he is ready to make a difference.


Stone in the Scriptures represents different things.

A stone represents a witness:

“And Jacob took a stone, and set it up a pillar. And Jacob said unto his brethren, Gather stones, and made a heap: and they did eat there upon the heap. And Laban said, this heap is a witness between me and thee this day.” Genesis 31: 45,46, 48

To Jacob and Laban, a stone or a heap of stone was a witness. Witness of what is that? It was as a witness between them, in the presence of other people and in the presence of God. This stone was to keep them in godly manner between each other. The stone was simply a stone of godliness.

Therefore, you need to erect as it were a stone of godliness that people around you can see. Then, you will be able to be insulted or angry at any ungodliness, and every injustice in the land. That is when you can make a change. Jacob is familiar with setting a stone a witness. (Genesis 28:18).

Stone also represents a human being:

“Ye also as a lively stones, disallowed indeed of men, but chosen of God, and precious”. 1 Peter 2: 4

Those disallowed, rejected, and insulted by ungodliness around them, are those that will be chosen of God to be vessel of change for the society and the nations.

A stone also represents power:

“Forasmuch as thou sawest that the stone was cut out of the mountain without hands, and that it brake in pieces the iron, the brass, the clay, the silver and the gold…”. Daniel 2:45.

The stone here was a supernatural stone that cut into pieces the power of man built on ungodliness, idolatry. This is the invasion of a greater power usurping the power of man. Therefore, anyone that knows this stone or is built by this stone will make a change in the society, just because they have been insulted by ungodliness and by injustice around them.



Perhaps we have been so much concerned about the negative aspect of anger, that we have neglected or forgotten the positive aspect of anger. There is definitely a positive aspect of anger. Such as, anger at sin, and anger at ungodliness or injustice of the society.

David, Eleazer, and Caleb all lived at different time and different generations. However, they all belong to a common generation; this is what I called, ‘the provoked generation’. A generation that got themselves provoked intentionally, just because they want to make a change for their nation.

Their lives we will look into. We will look at what actually provoked them individually, what insulted them and how they made a difference, these we will look into. The time, the condition that they lived in, and their intentions for doing what they did, we will study, elucidate and learn from.


In this chapter, the ants shall be our teacher to learn from.

How they live their lives.

How they impact one another.

How the life of one affect the lives of every one of them.

Their principle: one for all, all for one.

So, welcome on board, as we go to the ‘empire of the ants’ to watch and learn from them. Ants have been generally studied, whether from the perspective of religion, or scientific, or fiction, or superstitious, or in leadership skill knowledge.

Ants as a group of insects are always racing towards something. They are described as a social animal. That is, they can be emotional, in other words, they are able to get annoyed at whatever that infuriate, or insult them. Many things could insult them, and those things are what make them to act to defend their colony. They are very defensive of their colony; defending it from invasion. This is what I term as ‘the anger of the ants’.

For example, when an established path is blocked by an obstacle, the ants create or forge another route. This shows the formidability of the ants. It is only an ant that is insulted or unhappy or angry with its situation that could do this.

In this chapter, we will further look at the communication skill of the ants, their team work and their leadership skills. These are the qualities that make any ant to stand out, to be able to make a difference in their colony. Such qualities are what can be learnt from the ants, to make a difference. You will learn how the ants is insulted or made angry by his ‘hostile’ habitat, and how it has learnt to survive and make a difference too.


Synergy is the cooperation of two or more muscles, nerves or the like.

If you are insulted by ungodliness, if you happen to be privileged to be insulted by injustice around you, in the society, and in the nation, then, you are on the path. In other words, your anger towards ungodliness, towards injustice and the likes, will create a hunger in you to fulfil a particular purpose.

Moreover, your anger and being furious at ungodliness and injustice around you is a licence given to you, to fulfil a purpose. That is, those experiences you are faced with are evidences that, you have an assignment to fulfil.

Therefore, the fulfilling of that purpose will result in something more than you. This is what is called significance. Significant therefore is what you become to the society and to the nation.

The two ‘muscles’ here are; the insults or your anger on ungodliness, and the purpose you are meant to fulfil as a result of the insults by ungodliness and the likes. This is the synergy that leads to significance. That is, you begin to make a difference; and you are a force to reckon with.

Everyone desires significance, but not everyone is ready to go through the process of being ‘pregnant’ with the requirements that would make them to be significant. These we will look into. Welcome to a life of being insulted by ungodliness, in order to make a difference.


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